Why Men Should Journal More to Increase Happiness and Productivity

Journaling for men has had a huge resurgence in the past few years, with new designs and goal-setting plans focusing specifically on encouraging men to journal. To understand why men should journal more, the benefits of journaling for men should be considered. In challenging times, men need to be able to dedicate time for self-reflection and self-belief to increase happiness and productivity.

Mental Health: Why Journaling is Good for the Mind

Historically, men have been expected to play a very specific role in society, one that has increasingly taken its toll on their mental health. Traditional perceptions of masculinity focus on strong providers who rarely examine their own feelings. As job losses and ill mental health continue to rise, the need to be more open about men’s mental health has become widely recognised.

As most men have been taught not to be open with their emotions - through the ‘man up’ attitude - it's easier said than done for men to speak about their mental health. This is one reason why men should journal more. Journaling for men provides a space to write about inner thoughts and emotions in private. You have complete control over the journaling space, and can be open and honest about how you feel without fearing judgement.

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Journaling for Men: Best Diaries 2021

The best diaries in 2021 for journaling for men fall into two categories: wellness planners and law of attraction planners. A wellness planner is a holistic planner that incorporates fitness, mindfulness, gratitude and goal-setting into your routines to boost wellbeing. It’s great for journaling for men, because it encourages men to take time away from work and focus on their wellbeing. 

Mindfulness is often dismissed as pseudoscience, but it actually has many proven mental health benefits. There are many ways to enjoy mindfulness - from mindful breathing to guided imagery walks. It's all about training your mind to focus on the present moment. 

Freewriting is another important reason that men should journal more. Freewriting is writing without constraints. Write about your worries, write about the positive moments in your day, write about taking the dog for a walk, write a page of nonsense. The more you write, the more you open up your mind to further development. 

How to Manifest: The Reason Men Should Journal More

Another reason men should journal more is that law of attraction planners can drastically improve productivity. The law of attraction is based on the concept of manifestation. With manifestation, you attract your long-term goals to you, not through magic, but through your outlook and actions. 

For example, if you are overly-confident or extremely nervous at an interview, you are far less likely to get the job. Your outlook matters. For one thing, in the interview example, your attitude suggests what you would be like to work with in the long term. Secondly, your outlook impacts your actions. If you’re nervous for an interview, you’re more likely to be unsure of your responses and make mistakes. 

So, how does the law of attraction work for journaling for men? Start by writing down your long-term goals. Where do you want to be in a year’s time? Next, think about the ethos behind those goals. For example, a goal about starting your own business might have an ethos of motivation, inspiration and self-belief. Write down ways you can implement your ethos into your everyday actions, particularly those related to your goals. For example, motivation can be actioned through waking up early and getting started on a healthy morning routine. Record your progress in your law of attraction journal.

Men should journal more to increase happiness and productivity, because it can transform into long term confidence and self-belief. Let your goal setting be a part of your journaling journey, rather than overtaking it, and always remember to seek help from local mental health services, where needed. Whether you practice journaling for men for mental health or productivity, remember to keep journaling in a healthy balance.

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