Daily Planner for Men: Why Should Men Use a Daily Planner?

Diary writing and journaling has been practiced by many great men throughout history, from Samuel Pepys to Charles Darwin. As the author, William Makepeace Thackeray once wrote, “There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up the pen to write.”

In recent years, daily planner designs have diversified to cater to all writers, including daily planners for men, with room to plot in goals, track progress towards success, and focus on the simple moments.

Read on to find out more about why men should use a daily planner.

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How a Daily Planner Can Help Men Stay Productive

Whether you’re working on your business plans, professional skills, hobbies or personal development, daily planners for men are the perfect productivity tool to keep you on track. 

A daily planner keeps all of your goals in one spot, so you know exactly what you’re aiming for. You can plan daily, weekly and monthly goals, and track your progress over time. Documenting your goals in a daily planner gives you an added incentive to reach them.

Men and Mental Health: Journaling for Mental Health

Outside of setting your goals for the future, daily planners for men also have mental and physical health benefits. 

It is now becoming more widely recognised that men are less likely to speak out about mental health issues. Young men are one of the groups most at risk of suicide. It’s increasingly important for men to develop strategies to boost their mental wellbeing, and counteract negative thinking patterns that can spiral into depression. 

One way that daily planners for men can help with mental health is that they can be used to develop a structured plan for mental health recovery. You can allot clear times to focus on your mental health, and set goals for anxieties you want to overcome. 

It’s important to also take time to appreciate the natural world around you. Mindfulness helps to relieve stress and relax the mind. Focus on what you can see and hear - the sounds of birds chirping, the view of the city as it slowly wakes up. Tuning out from your thoughts from time to time can enable you to step away from anxieties. 

Savour the moment by writing about your mindfulness sessions in your daily planner. You can also record affirmations to remind yourself of your inner strengths, and what you intend to achieve with your day. Remember, though, that journaling is not an alternative to mental health treatment, and it’s always important to reach out for help from local services.


How To Set SMART Goals for Self-Development and Success

Though many people continuously develop their technical skills, it can be easy to neglect our ‘soft skills’. Soft skills are related to our personality and ways of working. They include communication skills, productivity and adaptability. Developing soft skills can be challenging, because they require self-examination and determination to master.

When developing your soft skills, it is helpful to set out SMART goals in daily planners for men. These are a set of guidelines that can help you to write more specific, achievable goals. 

It stands for:

  • Specific -  i.e. What is your goal?
  • Measurable - i.e. When will you know that your goal is complete?
  • Achievable - i.e. What small tasks will build up to your goal?
  • Relevant - i.e. Why do you want to complete this goal?
  • Time-Sensitive - i.e. When will you aim to complete your goal?

By aligning your goals with the SMART guidelines, you ensure that they are manageable. Setting manageable goals raises the chances you will go through with them. Be realistic. Are the small tasks in your ‘achievable’ section actually achievable? Do you understand exactly how they relate your main goals?

For example, if your main goal is to ‘improve communication’, your achievable goals might be:

  • Watch three videos about communication skills
  • Try to engage in two conversations, using techniques from the videos
  • Review my communication skills over the week in my daily planner

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The more specific your goals are, the better. 

Daily planners for men are beneficial in many ways. Whether you want to build your way up to goals, improve your skills, or boost your mental wellbeing, a daily planner can become a one-stop space for your day-to-day needs.  

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