Bullet Journal Ideas for a Personal Planner 2021

Personal planners are perfect for bullet journaling. They contain an overview of your life, all in one spot. Want to see your budget for the month? Need to check upcoming events? When you keep a bullet journal in a personal planner, you have all that information at a glance. There are so many fantastic ways to use bullet journaling to take control of your life and money. Here are our top bullet journal ideas for a personal planner in 2021.

How to Stop Procrastinating and Manifest Through a Bullet Journal

Procrastination? Bullet journals don’t know the meaning of the word. With their streamlined format, bullet journal ideas for a personal planner are immediately geared up to save you time. Through using bullet journaling shorthand, the process of setting your goals can be completed in under 5 minutes

Manifestation is all about living your goals through your outlook. Through bullet journaling, not only are your goals set out clearly and distinctly, but they’re also in context. You get a very clear overview of your budget, your goals, events to attend and affirmations to boost your confidence. Creative bullet journal ideas make it nigh on impossible to slip into procrastination, because suddenly your plans to manifest your goals are concise and fun

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Gratitude Journaling and Affirmations with a Bullet Journal in 2021

Bullet journal ideas in a personal planner are about much more than reaching goals. Bullet journaling can also inspire and empower your daily life. If you want to get stuck into gratitude journaling, then bullet journaling is the best place to start. As well as expressing gratitude daily, why not keep a monthly overview of your gratitude journaling to observe the positive experiences and changes in your life. 

Affirmations also work well with bullet journaling. One bullet journal idea is to keep a page dedicated to affirmations, so you can refer to your favourites whenever you need them. 

The way we perceive ourselves impacts what we do. If we repeat positive affirmations that focus on self-worth and confidence, such as ‘I am resilient’, soon we internalise these affirmations and they impact our actions. At the end of each day, note down any experiences you found challenging. You can then add in affirmations to boost your confidence in these areas.

Why a Personal Planner is Good for the Mind (and Budget!)

Mental health can be heavily impacted by external stressors. If our lives are cluttered, our minds are cluttered. For example, if you feel unclear about your finances, and struggle to keep afloat, you are far more at risk of anxiety and depression. Bullet journal ideas in a personal planner can put you back in control of these aspects of your life. 

One of the best bullet journal ideas for a personal planner is to start a budget planner. There are several key ways to plot out your budget in a bullet journal. The first is to look at your outgoing expenses and income for the previous 2-3 months, and look for trends. What purchases or bills are the most costly for you? Use this information to create a budget for the coming month. 

Make at least three budget goals for the month. These could include setting aside a certain amount for savings, or finding a cheaper solution for your monthly food shop. Plot in dates for outgoing bills, too. Remember to reward yourself for all goals you reach successfully.

A personal planner in 2021 needs to be flexible to keep updated with everything from coronavirus regulations, to the financial impact of lockdown. Using these bullet journal ideas for a personal planner in 2021 will give you a head start towards reaching your goals, building your confidence, and developing strong mental wellbeing.

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