Where to Start With Bullet Journaling in a Daily Planner

When you want to make headway on your goals, the thought of scheduling your plans can seem like a hindrance. Why would you want to spend time on writing, when you could be doing? There’s a simple solution to this: bullet journaling. Read on to learn where to start with bullet journaling in a daily planner to save time and raise productivity.

How to Be More Productive in Less Time with Bullet Journaling

Learning where to start with bullet journaling in a daily planner is important, because bullet journaling is great for time management. Bullet journaling is essentially journaling...with bullet points. Anyone who enjoys note taking knows how effective bullet points can be for time saving. Bullet journaling in a daily planner works on this principle. Instead of writing down every detail of your goals in sprawling notes, you contain them in short, sharp bullet points. If time management is an issue, bullet journaling in a daily planner is for you.

If you want to know where to start with bullet journaling in a daily planner, why not get stuck into the bullet journaling shorthand? This makes goal setting much quicker to write. 

(•) - A simple dot symbolises an open task.

(x) - A cross denotes a completed task.

(o) - An open circle stands for an event 

(-) - A dash provides a space to write notes.

You can even nest your bullet points, for example, with notes to provide extra information about an event. Use keywords to write your goals and information in a bullet journal to save even more time for working on your goals.


How to Manage Your Time Effectively With a Bullet Journal

To quote the creator of the bullet journal system, Ryder Carroll, bullet journaling is intended to help you ‘track the past, organise the present, and plan for the future’. This is why learning where to start with bullet journaling in a daily planner is so beneficial for time management and organisation. You are much more likely to be successful with your goals if you can visualise what needs to be done. 

‘Tracking the past’ through bullet journaling in a daily planner is great for time management, because it means you can keep track of your accomplishments. This helps you to avoid redoing completed work, and encourages you to appreciate all you’ve achieved. ‘Organising the present’ is where bullet journaling shines, because you have all the information you could possibly need categorised in a clear and simple way. 

‘Planning for the future’ in a bullet journal is also easy, because you can integrate your goals with your day-to-day tasks. If you know you have an important assignment due next Wednesday, you know your goals are going to be study centred for the next few days - and those plans to perfect your embroidery skills might need to be rescheduled.

Bullet Journaling for a Law of Attraction Journal

Once you have stronger time management skills through bullet journaling in a daily planner, manifesting your goals becomes easier. Bullet journaling helps you integrate your goals into your daily life. You’re fine-tuning your goal setting down to the last detail - making a plan of your weeks and months easier to visualise. 

If you know where to start with bullet journaling in a daily planner, you can make similar plans for your finances, food, and shopping. Plot it in altogether and you quickly build a picture of where you stand. As well as time management, a bullet journal saves space, so you can fit in a lot of detail on one or two pages. You can even add personalised plans, including calendars, assignment deadlines, dates for bill payments, and more. 

When you’ve fully grasped where to start with bullet journaling in a daily planner, you have a vital skill that will last through all your goal setting. You can get creative with your bullet journal - using different colour pens for different bullet points, decorating pages with washi tape, or even adding drawings and calligraphy. You might instead decide to streamline your bullet journal even further, seeing what you can cut out of your daily planning to save time. Whether you’re planning for time management, or want to have some artistic fun, bullet journaling is a unique journaling system that can propel you at light speed towards your goals.

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