Why Affirmation Cards Can Help Your Return to the Workplace

Affirmation cards feature short statements about yourself and your life to ground, inspire and motivate you. When you return to the workplace after lockdown, there will be many changes to get used to. You might feel anxious about returning to a physical workspace again, or about interacting with colleagues in-person after such a long time. Affirmation cards can help your return to the workplace, because they provide insights for reflection, self-belief and direction. 

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How to Use Affirmation Cards in the Workplace

Affirmation cards are famous for their impact on self-esteem, but how can they help your return to the workplace? One reason is that having affirmation cards in your desk drawer can boost your confidence and productivity dramatically. 

Using affirmation cards in the workplace reframes your perspective. It’s mind over matter. Away from the comforts of home, it’s easier to feel out of your depth. But affirmation cards help your return to the workplace, because they rewire your perspective on what you already have. 

Choose an affirmation card, whether by instinct or by selecting one that resonates with you. Rather than passively accepting the message, ask yourself what you can learn from the card. How can you use the affirmation card within your work life? For example, an affirmation card about embracing your quirks might encourage you to tailor your work routines for your own unique needs, rather than trying to work in ways that are ineffective for you.  

Can Affirmation Cards Help with Stress at Work?

Stress is almost synonymous with the workplace. Deadlines, disputes and distractions. There are many reasons why workplaces are conducive to stress. Stress at work can often be related to negative attitudes towards ourselves. We might feel overwhelmed by the list of daily tasks to complete, or inadequate compared to colleagues who always seem on top of their workload. 

Affirmation cards help with stress at work, because they reframe stressors as opportunities for development. For example, an affirmation card that focuses on letting go might give you direction to prioritise your goals and remove any unnecessary tasks from your routine. An affirmation card that focuses on opportunities might inspire you to think about how the challenges you’re experiencing at work could be used as opportunities to learn new skills or network with new people. 

Using Gratitude and Affirmation Cards when Returning to the Workplace

Gratitude journaling is a great tool for relaxation in the workplace. Before you begin your workday, or when you reach your lunch break, sit with your cards and take a moment to reflect. Work can come with many challenges, and it’s important to take time to focus on the positives. 

Choose an affirmation card that resonates with you, and use it to write about three things you feel positive about within your workplace. For example, if your affirmation card relates to creative energy, you could give thanks for that new work project where your creative skills are truly being put into action, or a colleague who is great to bounce ideas off. Gratitude journaling can help your return to the workplace, because it puts the stresses of the work day into balance, and gives you inspiration to develop the positive aspects of your work life even further.

Affirmation cards are an inspirational tool to reframe your outlook and place your work life into perspective. Using affirmations as part of your everyday work routines can help your return to the workplace by reducing stress and placing focus on the positive moments through your workday. Keep affirmation cards close to hand to help your return to the workplace run smoothly, and you will have consistent support to boost your wellbeing and self-esteem as you tackle all the challenges and excitements of the workday ahead.

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