How to Use Affirmation Cards with a Bullet Journal

Why should you use affirmation cards with a bullet journal? Affirmations can provide a source of inspiration for goal setting, but why do they specifically make an impact on bullet journaling? Bullet journaling is a type of journaling ‘shorthand’ that makes it quicker and simpler for you to record your goals. 

Affirmation cards give you inspiration about the ‘how’ of your goals: How are you going to tackle your tasks for the day? What will your ethos be? Together, they provide a short, succinct summary of exactly what you need to do to reach your goals.

The Benefits of Using Affirmation Cards with a Bullet Journal 

What makes a bullet journal so appealing? Writing in code is cool, but it's also super time-saving! With a bullet journal, you can say more with less. You have far fewer words to write to get your point across, so you can see clearly at a glance what needs to be done. 

One of the best benefits of using affirmation cards with a bullet journal is that it gives you inspiration, cutting the time down even further. How many hours do you spend on figuring out where to go next with your bullet journal? Affirmation cards give you a clear sense of direction for what you should be focusing on. Using affirmation cards with a bullet journal saves you time and energy to dedicate to your goals instead. 

Bullet Journaling

Getting Things Done with Affirmation Cards in a Bullet Journal 

Start your routine with a cup of green tea to focus your mind. Choose an affirmation card that you feel drawn to. Reflect on the message. How can you apply your affirmation to your goals? 

For example, if your message focuses on creative energy, then this is likely a sign that it's time to focus on your creative process. You could then plot in several sessions across the week to spend on getting creative, whether through designing branding for your new business or through writing ideas for that novel you've always wanted to write. 

Examples of bullet journal shorthand symbols for affirmations might be: 

(Cr) - My creative energy knows no limits.

(Pm) - I am thankful for my positive mindset.

(Oa) - Opportunity and abundance is all around me.

You can then use your bullet journal to allocate different affirmation cards to specific tasks. Examples of entries might look like:

(X Cr) - Freewriting, 15 mins 

(O Pm) - Meeting with wedding planner, 3.30pm 

Using affirmation cards in a bullet journal adds extra information about how to tackle your tasks and events in a way that can't be conveyed through traditional bullet journaling. 

Affirmation Card Deck

How to Plan for Success with Affirmation Cards

Once you have your short term goals planned with a bullet journal, it’s time to start thinking of the future. What are your goals leading you towards? Choose affirmation cards to guide your overall strategy. You can use different affirmation cards with short term goals, but the affirmations chosen for your long term goals should always impact your plans and decisions. 

Keep track of your progress. What affirmations have the most impact on your goals? Perhaps emphasising your creative energy encourages you to discover more innovative solutions? Or maybe you find that you complete more goals when you use affirmations for a positive mindset? 

Affirmations are not there to be blindly followed, but engaged with. If a particular affirmation doesn’t yield results, examine the reasons for this in your bullet journal. In the creative energy example, something might be blocking you from expressing your creativity fully, or it might be a sign that something else needs tweaking in your project. 

Affirmation cards and a bullet journal are the dream team for strategising your goals. When you use affirmation cards with a bullet journal, you save time and energy. No more writing copious notes, no more confusion on how tasks relate to each other. Affirmation cards provide direction and inspiration to your bullet journaling, so you never have to feel unsure about what your next step is

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