Why You Should Use Gratitude Journaling for the Law of Attraction

Expressing gratitude has a long line of lasting benefits. Taking time to appreciate the happy moments and positive experiences in your daily life nurtures a positive perspective. But you might not realise the impact gratitude has on reaching your goals. With the law of attraction, outlook equals opportunity. If you have a positive outlook, the opportunities you attract are equally positive. Here’s why you should use gratitude journaling for the law of attraction.

Why Gratitude Journaling Works for the Law of Attraction

Recognising the positive moments in your day has clear benefits for mental health, but how does gratitude journaling impact on the law of attraction? It’s all a matter of perspective. Manifestation with the law of attraction works on the idea that when you ask the universe for opportunities, you will receive them. If you go out into the world and take on life with a positive mindset, you will be more likely to draw new opportunities to you. 

For example, if you attend a work event with a negative outlook, you will be less likely to network and make an impact on other attendees. This could mean you miss out on opportunities for new jobs, projects, or to strengthen relationships with colleagues. If you attend with a more positive outlook, you’re more likely to interact and reach out for new opportunities.


How to Manifest Through Gratitude Journaling for the Law of Attraction

So, what is the process to manifest something through gratitude? Start by recording three things you feel grateful for each day. You can narrow down by focusing specifically on events and experiences related to your goals, whether that be at work or in your relationships. 

Next, consider how you might develop the things you feel grateful for to manifest your goals. For example, if you feel grateful for working with a colleague who has a lot of experience with networking, you could develop this further by making plans with them to discuss networking techniques and opportunities. You could then adopt their networking strategies at your next work event. Recognising what you already have is key to gratitude journaling for the law of attraction, because you can then draw on those experiences to obtain more opportunities.

When to Use Gratitude Journaling for the Law of Attraction

The best time to practice gratitude journaling for the law of attraction is at the end of the day. This is because at this point of the day, you have the most information to work on. Set aside time specifically for gratitude journaling. With a mug of green tea or coffee, use the time you spend on gratitude journaling for the law of attraction to analyse and appreciate the positive experiences of your day. 

You may prefer to record things you feel grateful for as you go. When you experience something that makes you feel super grateful, jot it down in your daily journal. You can then return to your notes in a gratitude journaling session at the end of the day to plan how to progress further. As you approach your law of attraction goals, keep your gratitude journaling close at hand to boost your outlook and refer back to new techniques to develop. 

Gratitude journaling for the law of attraction works, because both are transformative in terms of perspective. Daily life is filled with many experiences, but gratitude journaling hones in on the positives. To be successful with the law of attraction, you need an outlook that is conductive to new opportunities. The perfect outlook to attract positive opportunities and experiences is one that examines and appreciates all the big and small positive moments.

Journaling - Law of Attraction

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Gratitude journaling is working for me. When I was growing up, mum and dad raised me to be thankful and polite to everyone. My dad is extremely well mannered and gracious with people, and has a positive mindset. It works well with him still – he has overcome many health problems and still has dreams and goals. So I am very lucky. I started journaling about 14 months ago. Before the pandemic, I was a free-wheeling nomad, playing ukulele in old people’s homes with no single place of abode. I am now living in the one place, and for 15 months! I am very grateful. Because of this, I have been able to do many group activities – walking, meditation, dinners, lunches – and meeting new people. Making positive affirmations has helped me to focus on the things I want. And I am hopeful and happy about my future. Thank you. Blessings.

Paul January 21, 2022

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