Using Affirmation Cards For New Year's Motivation

With a new year comes new opportunities. Days stretch out with plenty of possibilities. It’s a time filled with excitement, but also trepidation. It’s completely natural not to feel any New Year’s motivation right away. 

It’s okay for New Year’s resolutions to seem daunting. Taking control by using affirmation cards for New Year’s motivation can completely boost your view of the year ahead, and help you reach your goals.

New Year, New You - Using Affirmation Cards to Stay Motivated

At the start of the new year, motivation is expected to spark naturally. But with New Year’s resolutions that are often unrealistic, and last year’s Christmas cards lying around, it’s very easy to end up in a New Year’s slump

The best thing about the new year is the opportunity for a fresh start. New Year’s Resolutions should encourage you to look afresh at what matters to you and discover what you really want from the year ahead. Using affirmation cards can give you a real boost to stay motivated at this vital time. 

Shuffle your cards and set them out in front of you. Choose an affirmation card that you feel especially drawn to. Don’t choose at random. Let your instincts guide you. Once you find an affirmation that resonates with you, plan to shape your life towards that outlook in the coming year. For example, if your card focuses on self-acceptance, you might set goals to improve your self-confidence and body positivity. If your affirmation relates to achieving goals, you could set a brand new goal-setting routine. 

How to Manifest Through Reflection Using Affirmation Cards

As well as motivation, the new year is a time for reflection. Reflection doesn’t mean feeling bad about the past. Don’t use reflection to guilt-trip yourself about New Year’s resolutions that went wrong. Instead, let it boost your New Year’s motivation.

There are two major ways for using affirmation cards to reflect. One is learning from the past. Look at your key affirmation. Without judgement, ask yourself: “How did I work on this affirmation last year? Did anything go wrong?”’ Did you miss out on chances to reach it? Were there New Year’s resolutions and goals you just couldn’t keep? Use this information to make your plan for the year ahead more realistic and accomplishable. 

The second involves bringing the past forward. Think about your affirmations for the year ahead. Ask yourself, “Were there any times I ‘lived my affirmations’ last year?” If so, how did it feel? What can you bring forward from last year to take you forward - maybe a new-found decisiveness, or a hobby that boosted your confidence. Remember: our past achievements shape our future ones.

Using New Year’s Motivation to Make a Plan for Success

New Year’s motivation works best when it’s being put into practice. Affirmation cards can help you spread your motivation through the whole year by making a plan for success. 

Look to the future. When you have fully manifested the message in your affirmation cards, where will you be? What will you be doing? What does a person who lives and breathes that message do about their goals?

Manifesting success

If they embrace themselves fully, including their inner quirks, they might seek out goals relating to their dreams and interests - rather than pressuring themselves to make goals that don’t fit with their life. They might book onto an online crochet course. They might start building that small business they’ve always dreamed of. They might plan to read one article about self-belief each week. Using affirmation cards means you can plan for what success means to you.

So, if you see friends getting into ‘New Year’s Mode’, don’t worry if it takes you time to foster New Year’s motivation. Self-care should always be part of your new year routine. That means allowing yourself time to make plans and reach new year’s resolutions at your own pace. Once you start using affirmation cards, you can make New Year’s motivation work for your own needs.

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