How to Use Affirmation Cards for Adults

Affirmations are proven to boost mood and productivity, but what about when inspiration doesn’t strike? What about those days when affirmations don’t spring to mind? Sometimes we all need a springboard to inspire us - and affirmation cards are the perfect solution. 

Affirmation cards for adults feature ready-made affirmations, giving you a shot of positivity and creativity to fire you through the day. You might wonder how affirmation cards work, and how exactly you should use them, so here’s our guide on how to use affirmation cards for adults. 

Using affirmation cards

How to Manifest Your Goals Through Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards for adults are well-known for their mood-boosting effects, but not as many know about their impact on productivity. Affirmation cards can manifest your goals into reality. Manifesting goals works through a process of self-belief and action. Manifestation means ‘living’ your goals - not only working towards them, but putting the mentality behind your goals into every activity in your daily life.

How do affirmation cards for adults help with manifesting goals? The answer is simple - they give you the right mindset. When you wake up in the morning, ask the cards what perspective you need to take you through the day. Then randomly choose an affirmation card. 

Use the words written on the card as your mantra. Let it give you purpose through mindfulness, goal setting, work and relaxation. Choosing to manifest your goals gives you the direction to turn your dreams into reality. 

Boost Positivity Through Affirmation Cards for Adults

Especially during these challenging times, developing a positive mindset is more important than ever. This doesn’t mean ignoring our inner struggles, but instead involves training your mind to focus on your inner and outer strengths, developing resilience through life’s ups and downs. Affirmation cards for adults are a great tool for boosting positivity, as they act as prompts to connect with your inner self, ask questions and remind yourself of the positives in your life.

Keep your affirmation cards with you throughout the day. When you’re at a low ebb, choose a card and internalise the message. You can even keep affirmations around your home - by a mirror, on the kitchen fridge - so that boosts of positivity follow you wherever you go. 

Interact with your affirmation cards. Ask questions. What message will guide me through my exam today? What affirmation will help me in my relationships? How can this affirmation help me? Interacting with your affirmations prepares you to ask questions of other choices in your life and work.

Self-expression Through Affirmation Cards - Mindfulness and Freewriting

Affirmation cards for adults can also be used to inspire other forms of creativity and self-expression. When preparing for a mindfulness session, choose a card at random. Use the meaning of this card to influence your mindfulness session, both in terms of outlook and the type of mindfulness practiced. For example, if your card evokes a goal-getting mindset, use mindful breathing to visualise yourself receiving the power to achieve your goals as you breathe in and out.


Freewriting can also be inspired by affirmation cards. Freewriting is the process of writing freely without constraints. This allows you to write from your subconscious without holding back, meaning that it can be very therapeutic and inspiring. Use affirmation cards to prompt your freewriting sessions. 

Writing about your dreams and aspirations can help to manifest your goals, build positivity, and express gratitude, as you internalise the motivated mindset from the affirmation cards. You can use your freewriting to explore ideas and solutions that you wouldn’t be able to in a structured writing session.

Affirmation cards for adults have many uses, and can have a huge impact on your outlook. They can be taken around the home and on-the-go to give you an affirming pick-me-up wherever you need it. There are no rules for how to use affirmation cards - gift them to a friend in need, or use them to inspire artworks. Ultimately, they are tools to prompt and inspire in whatever way suits you.

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