How to Manifest Something in 7 Easy Steps

How is it possible to manifest something out of nothing? It's natural to be skeptical of manifestation at first. In truth, manifestation is a lot more complex than this, incorporating a mix of mindset and action. 

Using a life planner can help to organise and propel your goals forward, allowing you to manifest something by writing it down. To manifest your goals does not mean leaving your goals to chance, but bringing them closer through transforming your outlook. So, here’s how to manifest your goals with a life planner in 2021. 

Goal Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is key to manifesting your goals. So, what is the law of attraction? This is the idea that if you live your days with a particular outlook, you 'attract' experiences and opportunities that correspond to that outlook. For example, if you adopt a positive, motivated outlook, more positive opportunities will come your way through the basis of the law of attraction.

Initially, this might sound like a far-fetched, magical idea. How can opportunities draw themselves to you simply from adopting a new mindset? Well, it all depends on what you put in

Manifestation doesn’t work on the idea that you sit back and let the law of attraction do its work, bringing opportunities your way. It means that if you ‘live your goals’, fitting the right outlook and activities into your everyday routines, you will naturally find it easier to reach your goals.

Top Tips to Manifest Something By Writing It Down in a Life Planner

To manifest your goals with a life planner, be clear on what you want to achieve. Using a life planner is all about taking your long-term life goals, and breaking them down into something manageable. 

This works with the law of attraction, because it fits goals into the fabric of your everyday life. With a life planner, you aren’t just working towards goals, you are living your goals. 

Here are some top tips to manifest something with a life planner.

1. Plot your goals in advance

One of the key benefits of keeping a life planner is that you can see at a glance all your tasks and events for the months ahead. Plot in tasks and deadlines for goals well in advance, so that you don’t forget anything or double-book yourself.

2. Split your goals into micro-goals

When using the law of attraction to work towards goals, your goals need to be part of your daily routine. What smaller steps could you take to reach your long-term goals? If you’re looking for your dream home, for example, you could split this into, ‘search online listings’, ‘contact estate agents’, ‘book viewings’, etc.

3. Jot down motivational quotes and mantras

Keep your life planner as a tool for brainstorming. As you manifest your goals with a life planner, your goals are likely to develop further, and you will need space to explore ideas. Write down any motivational quotes that motivate you, keep a mood board to inspire you, freewrite about your goals to encourage yourself to keep pursuing them.

4. Daily Routines to Manifest Your Goals

Developing daily routines to manifest your goals can help you reach your goals faster. The more your goals feature in your everyday life, the more you are primed to take on new challenges and reach out for new opportunities to manifest your goals. Make time for these routines to boost your mindset.

5. Get a healthy start for success

The daily routines of successful people feature early mornings for a reason. An early morning sets you up for a refreshed, positive outlook through the day. Add in a healthy breakfast to give yourself energy. Nutrient rich foods, including eggs, oats, nuts, fruits and vegetables are all healthy ingredients to include in a breakfast meal. 

6. Recite affirmations and mantras to manifest your goals

Another important daily routine to manifest your goals is affirmations. Affirmations are a positive mantra or statement about yourself that you use to guide your activities throughout the day. Write at least one positive affirmation for yourself each day. Keep it with you to boost your mood on-the-go. 

7. Review your weekly achievements in a life planner

Looking forward towards your dreams also means looking back to your past achievements. Don’t let your accomplishments go unnoticed. Take time in your week to appreciate all you’ve done to manifest your goals. Treat yourself to some time for relaxation or hobbies. A life of all work and no play doesn’t help to manifest your goals any faster.

To manifest your goals with a life planner in 2021, you need drive and positivity. These can be built into your daily life through routines and positive thinking. Using a life planner means that you can organise your goals into a set plan, turning your far-away goals into an integral part of your life. 

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