How To Make Your Vision Board of Dreams and Manifest Them

With a world full of possibilities, we constantly strive to evolve. So while we may be happy with our lives right now, there are always things we can do to make it better.

That’s why a lot of people use a vision board to set their intentions. It helps them visualise the things they want to keep them focused on their goals.

And if you’ve landed on this article, you probably want in on this fantastic goal manifestation tool. So let’s get straight down to business!

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collection of visual ideas that represent the goals and dreams you have for the future. You can choose whatever medium feels right to you. In general, people tend to use photos, drawings, writing, pictures, and swatches to represent their thoughts.

The great thing about vision boards is that you don’t have to follow a specific template – you can make it however you see fit.

Equally, though most people find the biggest benefit in having a prominent vision board placed on the wall somewhere, it’s up to you where you place it and how public you want it to be.

What are the benefits of a vision board?

There’s a reason vision boards are making a comeback – they work. But how exactly did they enhance your goal planning and manifestation goals?

  1. Creativity

Vision boards provide a creative outlet without limitation. This creative freedom acts as a stress reducer, helping you cultivate a healthy mindset to start your goal-reaching journey.

  1. Information processing

We all process information differently. Traditional goal lists work well for some, but for those of you that thrive on processing visual information, vision boards work in your favour. And when you mix writing and pictures on your vision board, you double the neuro-processing capabilities that your board elicits. 

  1. Accountability

Placing your board in a prominent place you’ll see frequently allows you to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. In addition, your vision board will act as a reminder of the things you want so you can consistently check that what you are doing aligns with what you want.

Vision Board Planning

  1. Pictures speak volumes

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” That’s what they say, right? So it makes sense that using a vision board gives you far more detail in a more compact package than writing ever could. That’s not to say that writing your goals is pointless – it’s absolutely not! But when you have something specific in mind, a picture is an excellent way to instantly convey your goals. 

  1. Adaptability

Vision boards are highly adaptable. You can easily add or take away pictures as your goals change over time. That means you can ensure your vision board will always reflect your current journey, making it a highly effective tool.

  1. Happy hormones 

Your vision board represents your life desires. So, undoubtedly, whenever you look at it, it will make you happy thinking of what your life will soon be like. And that hit of dopamine can help propel you to keep working towards making those dreams a reality! 

How to make a vision board

Before you can use your vision board to manifest your goals and dreams, you need to actually make it! Here is our super easy formula to create your ideal vision board: 

  1. Make a list of the goals you want to display

Planning is king, especially when it comes to creating your vision board. Finding the right visuals will be a lot easier later when you know what you want to put.

So, for now, start by writing down all the goals you have for yourself. Remember that specificity will always help you manifest faster and more successfully. 

If you’re having trouble thinking of goals, try looking at “the wheel of life” and seeing where you could make improvements.

  1. Choose your base 

You need somewhere to house your images, so it’s good to get this sorted first. You can use anything you see fit. The most popular choices for vision boards are corkboards, whiteboards, journals, a3 card, and online boards (e.g. Pinterest).

Think about where you’ll get the most use of your board. For example, if you rarely go on Pinterest but you use your journal daily, your journal is a better option. Similarly, if you work from home and have a blank space on the wall in front of you, try using a corkboard and putting it in front of you.

  1. Gather inspiration

Now comes the fun part – filling your vision board. First, look through online pictures, magazines, photo albums, and find swatches that represent your goals, then cut them out ready to go on your board.

Make sure that every element of your vision board represents the dreams and goals you want, not just the things that look aesthetically pleasing. Otherwise, you may end up manifesting something you didn’t mean to!


Five ways to manifest the contents of your vision board

It’s all well and good having a beautiful vision board that represents your deepest life goals and ambitions, but what’s the use if that’s as far as you take it?

Here are five ways to turn those pictures into your life!

  1. Life audit 

The first step in reaching any goal is to understand the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Cue, journal time! 

Write down where you are in your life right now. Be absolutely honest in your writing; there’s no point hiding from yourself, you have nothing to be ashamed of! 

Now, look at the goals on your vision board. For each one, write down how they differ from your current life and the steps you’ll need to take to get there. By taking the time to understand this, you’ll be able to start living with intention. 

  1. Align your behaviour with your vision board self 

Now that you know how to bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be, it’s time to change your behaviour. You can’t manifest something new if you are stuck in the same behaviours you’ve always had – it just doesn’t work that way.

For example, if your board shows you getting your dream job, you’ll need to start approaching life with a confident attitude as if you are already qualified for the job, and you already have it. After all, manifesting is all about the energy you put out into the universe. So if it senses you are ready to embrace the new, it will send it your way! 

  1. Use affirmations every day

Affirmations will compliment your vision board. They are short phrases that help put you in the right mindset and release positive energy that screams, “I am ready!”

So, if you are trying to manifest your new job, you might use the affirmation:

“ I am worthy of having a job as (insert job here) and thankful for the happiness and fulfilment it brings to my life.” 

It’s important to repeat your affirmations daily to strengthen your energy and mindset.

If you’re not sure how to use affirmations, try starting with the 369 Affirmation Method.

  1. Create small, relevant goals

Small goals are the stepping stones on your journey to manifesting your dreams. They bridge the gap between you right now and the you displayed on your vision board.

So, break down the steps you need to take to reach your vision board goals into easy, manageable, bitesize goals and start working towards them one at a time.

After all, your vision board proves you know what you want, and this step will show you how to get there. 


  1. Be patient 

Manifesting takes time, and impatience will only make it go slower. When you try and rush your goals, you forgo the all-important foundations that will allow your dreams to manifest. It’s like building a house. If the foundation bricks aren’t laid correctly, how on earth is the final structure supposed to stay upright on its own?

It sounds cliché, but you need to trust the process. When you trust that you’re moving in the right direction, you’ll do just that. 

Plus, you can’t expect to go from never exercising to running a marathon in just 24 hours! 

Final thoughts 

What better way to zone in on and manifest your goals than a vision board? Having those highly significant pictures that paint a picture of the life that sits right on the other side of your own self-doubts? 

So what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to map out your goals on your vision board and start aligning your life with them! In time, you’ll become a vision board manifesting machine!

What goals and dreams will you put on your vision board? Let us know in the comments!

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