Using Affirmation Cards to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Affirmation cards are a powerful tool for fostering positivity and relaxation within your workday. As well as supporting your return to work, affirmation cards can specifically make a difference to stress reduction in your workplace. Affirmation cards feature strong self-affirming statements to change your outlook and boost your mental wellbeing. Whether you’re anxious about an upcoming meeting or looming deadline, here are some key strategies for using affirmation cards to reduce stress in the workplace.

What are the Benefits of Using Affirmation Cards for Stress Reduction?

Affirmation cards have a big impact on our confidence, but how do they improve stress reduction in the workplace? Stress in the workplace often occurs when we feel overwhelmed or out of control with our work. A fresh outlook on your tasks (and your abilities!) can bring your challenges down to size, so that you can relax and take on your tasks with a positive approach. 

One benefit of using affirmation cards for stress reduction is that affirmations question self-doubt. An affirmation card that says 'I am in total control of my actions and thoughts' is an important reminder. Whilst you can't control deadlines or workplace conflicts, ultimately you have the control over what you do. 

Affirmations draw your focus onto the skills and opportunities you have at hand. Rather than dwelling on the issue itself, they relax you in the reminder that you are capable of overcoming all your challenges. 

How to Use Affirmation Cards to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

The first step for using affirmation cards to reduce stress in the workplace is to pinpoint your stressor. Stress has clear physical effects, but it's often hard to identify your exact triggers. Are you worried about an upcoming deadline? Is your high workload overwhelming? Once you're clear on the trigger, you can apply the right affirmation cards for stress reduction.

The second step is to choose the right affirmations. You can choose an affirmation card by instinct or by selecting one that resonates with you. Take time to read the message and think about how it specifically relates to your situation. No matter how stressed you feel or how much work you have to complete, it's important not to rush this process, but instead approach it mindfully. 

Jot down three ways your affirmation card could help you reduce stress in the workplace. For example, if your stress is impacted by your current heavy workload, and your affirmation card relates to your positive mindset, you could look for three ways a positive mindset could reduce your stress - and even remove the trigger itself. 

Examples could include: 

Developing a positive perspective on your workload (e.g. as a sign of your advanced capabilities).

Searching for positive ways to reduce your workload (e.g. by taking on only mandatory projects, and being open with clients and colleagues about your needs).

Making more time to embrace your positivity through mindfulness or relaxation. 

How Journaling Helps to Reduce Stress with Affirmation Cards

To reduce stress with affirmation cards, it can help to journal about the process. Before you choose your affirmation card, write about how you feel, including your stress symptoms.

Then, once you’ve chosen an affirmation card, note down your thoughts about its message, and how it could help you to reduce stress in the workplace.

Finally, a few hours after you initially chose the affirmation card, write again about your feelings. Has your stress improved? Have you managed to resolve the work issue that was impacting you? Use the analysis to discover which affirmations helped to reduce your stress the most, and adapt these into your stress-busting strategy. 

Journaling helps you to reduce stress with affirmation cards, because it provides an opportunity to examine your responses to the affirmations, gives you new ideas for stress reduction strategies, and records your stress levels over time. 

Stress in the workplace can make day-to-day work tasks hard to complete. Affirmation cards help to reduce stress in the workplace, because they shift your perspective on how to approach your tasks. Affirmations restore your self-belief and give you the confidence to tackle workplace stressors in a way that places you firmly back in control. For stress reduction in the workplace, take out your affirmation cards to develop brand new stress-busting strategies today.


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