How to Organize a Daily Planner in 2021 to Manifest Your Goals

We organise our lives and goals, but how often do we organise a daily planner or journal? Before diving into your long-term goals, the tools you use to record progress and manifest your goals should be set in order. 

To reach your goals, you need strong motivation, good time management skills, and a clear sense of direction. But how can you accomplish all of that if your organiser is confusing, with nothing in the right place? Here's how to organise a daily planner in 2021 to manifest your goals.

How to Organise a Daily Planner in 2021 to Become More Productive 

The first step to organise a daily planner is to delineate between your different goals as much as possible. If you have a list of long-term goals, followed by a note for an upcoming event, followed by a couple of daily tasks all lumped together on one page, things get confusing fast. How can you become more productive with your time, if you can't see clearly what needs to be done?

A daily planner usually splits daily tasks, weekly goals, and more long-term goals into different segments. If you can see clearly what needs to be done and when, confusion is less likely to strike. Define clear boundaries between sections for events, goals, affirmations and gratitude. The more clear and delineated your daily planner is, the more likely you will stick with your goal setting. 

Keep designated pages for different types of notes, for example, a page for useful phone numbers, or a list of books to buy. Rather than keeping printed papers inside, jot down notes from printed material directly into the daily planner. Use sticky notes to designate between months or even types of goal. 

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Manifest Your Goals Through Goal Setting

Manifesting your goals focuses on the idea that your attitude influences what you get back from life. If you're a driven and positive person, driven and positive opportunities will come your way. But that doesn't mean leaving it to luck - it's all about strategy

When writing in a daily planner in 2021, your dreams might seem far away, so it’s important to bring them closer to home. To manifest your goals, they need to be a consistent part of your daily life. When you organise a daily planner in 2021, rather than only plotting in day to day tasks, think about how to bring your long-term goals into your everyday life

Look at your long-term goals. Where do you want to be in a year's time? What will it take to get you there? Work backwards from your long-term goals to the monthly goals you will need to reach. From that, choose several smaller weekly goals, then daily tasks. Be realistic and specific. Don't overface yourself. What one or two things can you do today to work towards your goals? How can your existing habits be adapted to help you reach your goals? To manifest your goals, immerse yourself within them.

Bullet Journaling: Getting Things Done in a Daily Planner in 2021

Even with a daily planner, in 2021, getting things done is a challenge. With all of this time at home, it can be difficult to boost motivation. Especially when we have the responsibilities of work and family, 'organise a daily planner' might not be the first task on our list. But it doesn't have to be like this. 

The best thing about bullet journaling in a daily planner in 2021 is that it saves you time. The handwritten element of bullet journaling in a daily planner might put you off trying to manifest your goals using this method. However, bullet journaling features symbols and keywords that can be used as a shorthand, known as ‘rapid logging’, making organisation easier and faster. 

Bullet points are split down into tasks, events and notes, and there is a symbol to designate each of these. A simple dot (•) is used to delineate an open task. A cross (x) symbolises a complete task. Events are denoted with an open circle (o), whilst notes are denoted by dashes (-). Make short notes using symbols and keywords, then leave it there. You’ll be more likely to make writing a habit, and have more time to manifest your goals. 

Once you organise a daily planner in 2021, you make it considerably easier to manifest your goals. Manifesting your goals means integrating your goals into every aspect of your life, but if your plans are muddled, it's difficult to develop a clear strategy. Keeping an organised daily planner in 2021 can help to cut through the confusion and stress of goal setting in lockdown.

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