Using Affirmation Cards in a Wellness Journal to Reduce Stress

Affirmation cards have long been recognised for their productivity power, but when used with a wellness journal, they also reduce stress considerably. 

Affirmations raise us up at times when we need words of encouragement, but they also help us to reframe our everyday actions. Sometimes we need an outlook refresh - whether for our eating habits or thought patterns. Read on to discover some top tips for using affirmation cards in a wellness journal to reduce stress.

How Mindfulness Works With Affirmation Cards to Reduce Stress

Many of us have tried mindfulness at some point in our lives. Mindfulness has boomed in the last few years - from apps to courses to mindfulness journals. Mindfulness teaches us to rewire our minds to focus on the present moment. But what happens when mindfulness needs a rewire? 

Sometimes, rather than repeating the same mindful breathing exercises, we need to shake up our routine with affirmation cards. Just as certain treatments have less effect on the body over time, mindfulness can do the same thing. We get so used to our mindful routines that they lose their power, and thoughts and anxieties creep in. And you’re back to square one. This is why using affirmation cards in a wellness journal can help reduce stress.

Nothing shakes up your outlook like affirmation cards. Choose a card instinctively. Ask yourself where you want mindfulness to take you today. Let your affirmation shape your mindfulness session. If your affirmation centers on creativity, take time to write or sketch from your subconscious. It doesn’t have to be in-depth - fifteen minutes will do. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, either - it’s about mindful appreciation of your creativity to reduce stress.

Affirmation Card Deck

Using Affirmation Cards to Plan For a Healthier Day in a Wellness Journal

It’s no different for other aspects of your wellness journal. To reduce stress, we also have to work on our physical health. Affirmation cards can kickstart us into healthier routines, both in terms of exercise and healthy eating. 

If your affirmation card focuses on letting go, for example, you can use this as a prompt to let go of unhealthy habits that are making you unhappy. Let go of that hour long slump of Netflix binge-watching, and replace it with time for tai-chi and yoga. Say goodbye to that pot noodle lunch, caked in preservatives and salts, and replace it with a hearty soup or salad. 

Why not also let go of feelings of guilt for giving yourself an occasional treat? Sometimes, after a hard week’s work, a bar of chocolate is exactly what you need. Use affirmation cards to develop a plan for healthy living without guilt-tripping yourself.

What to Write When Gratitude Journaling With Affirmation Cards

Gratitude journaling works to reduce stress by helping us focus on positives that often go under the radar. When you’re gratitude journaling in a wellness journal to reduce stress, those feelings of gratitude don’t always spring right away, especially if you’re at a low ebb. Sometimes you need a prompt to send you in the right direction.

If your affirmation relates to the opportunities surrounding you, take time to give gratitude for them. What experiences in your life made your opportunities possible? Did someone support you to reach out for them? What inner skills and strengths do you possess that propelled you towards new opportunities? Take time to sit mindfully and appreciate your opportunities, and where they might take you. 

You might be surprised by the amount of people rooting for you, the inner strengths that have brought you through challenging times, the positive future you have stretching out in front of you. Write down your feelings of gratitude to ground yourself at times when you feel stressed.

Affirmation cards help to reduce stress, because they’re all about affirming and supporting you in a world that often only seems to take. Stress can develop when we have no time to support our own needs. By using affirmation cards in a wellness journal, you are giving your body and mind the time and inspiration needed to take you forward. Use affirmation cards consistently in your wellness journal to reduce stress as part of your daily routine.


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