The Science Behind Manifestation: Why Journaling for Manifestation Works

Manifestation is a widely misunderstood subject. It’s a common misconception that manifestation means that if you believe in something enough, it will naturally happen. 

Manifestation is much more complex than this. The science behind manifestation is based on the impact of positive thinking on positive action, and the importance of habitual action on our goals, for example, through journaling for manifestation. Here’s how the science behind manifestation can help you manifest your goals.

What Does Manifestation Mean?

Before we look at the science behind manifestation, we need to understand what the term means. In general terms, a manifestation refers to a physical sign that something is happening or existing. Manifesting something means bringing it into the realm of reality. 

In the context of productivity, manifestation refers to a strategy for achieving goals developed in the popular self-help book, The Secret. Manifestation means bringing your dreams into reality by ‘living’ your goals. Manifestation takes a holistic approach to goal setting through adapting your mindset and behaviours. 

Manifestation is often used interchangeably with the ‘Law of Attraction’. This proposes that if we think and live in a particular way, our dreams are attracted to us. As you put positivity out into the world, you get positive results back. 

What is the Science of Manifestation?

Negative and Positive Bias

Manifestation works on the idea that if we think and live in a certain way, we attract similar experiences. So, how does this connect to the science behind manifestation? This way of thinking can be connected to the placebo effect. This is where patients notice an improvement in symptoms after being given a placebo with no active ingredients. The process of believing you are doing something to become better can set off positive effects, including an increase of endorphins

The more that we think and act in a negative way about a goal, we cause a spiral of negative effects, which makes it harder to reach that goal. For example, if your goal is to write a novel, and your thoughts are ‘it will never happen’ and ‘there’s no point’, your actions are likely to be far less motivated, for example, by not writing as often and writing in a more contrived way. 

Meanwhile, if you view your goals in a positive light, your actions become more focused and positive. You feel more dedicated to spending time on that novel, or that covering letter, or renovating the house. If you believe you can achieve your goals, the work you put in is more relaxed and natural. For example, in face to face interviews, you will feel more relaxed and your overall demeanour will be more positive.

Living our Dreams

Habitual action is very important to the science behind manifestation and the law of attraction. Manifestation is about more than working towards goals, it’s about weaving your dreams into the fabric of your everyday life. The more that you do something, the more you reinforce it. If you work towards your goals sporadically, you’re less likely to achieve them, because you're not giving yourself enough time or opportunity to reach them. 

Ultimately, it’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it. Habitual action means more than doing something repeatedly. It means working goals into your routine in a way that’s fulfilling. One way to do this is through journaling for manifestation. Use affirmations to boost your mood and focus your perspective, putting yourself into the right mindset before you start working on your goals.

How to Manifest Everything You Want in 5 Quick Steps

The process for manifesting is relatively simple, although many would think it could take years for anything to manifest. Below are 5 steps to manifest anything you want.

  • Step 1 for Manifesting - Choose What You Want
    Take some time out with no distractions and think of what you want to happen in your life. Be clear on what it is, thinking about how it would make you feel. Be specific with the benefits it will bring into your life. If you are vague with what you want to manifest, then it is unlikely to happen how you had hoped for. For example, if you wanted to manifest your dream job you should know exactly what it is you would like to do, where would this job be, how much would you be paid, what your responsibilities would be, who you work with, and so on.
    To clarify, be specific with what you want and imagine it in great detail.
  • Step 2 for Manifesting - Remove Limiting Beliefs
    At some point we will all have limiting beliefs and self-doubting tendencies. It is important that we are aware of these and remove them when we want to manifest. The 3 key problematic areas of negativity and distraction are:
    - Poor company. We all know those people who love to criticise and cast self-doubt in themselves through lack of confidence and complaints.
    - Poor mindset. Limiting beliefs is a major problem when it comes to manifesting effectively. It is very hard to manifest all the positives into your life when you keep believing that you don’t deserve these positives, or you are incapable of receiving them. For example, if you are manifesting a dream job, prevent yourself from saying you don’t have the right qualifications or that there are far more people who are better for this role than yourself.
    - Poor patience. Expecting everything to happen right in that moment
  • Step 3 for Manifesting - Visualise
    When visualising what you want to happen, try to experience it in all senses. How does it look, feel, sound, smell, taste? Give as many details as you can to make the visualization as real as possible.
  • Step 4 for Manifesting - Take action
    While being specific and visualising are important, you also need to take action towards your goals. Thinking about your dream job and expecting it to suddenly appear isn’t likely to happen. Instead take actionable steps, such as looking online for job adverts, or speaking to contacts in the industry.
  • Step 5 for Manifesting - Appreciate and Give Gratitude
    There are two parts to giving gratitude and appreciation. Firstly, when practicing manifestation it is beneficial to come from a place of gratitude and positive emotions. Think about the areas in your life you could currently be grateful for - your friends, your family, the roof over your head, the food on your plate, the clothes on your back. Secondly, once what you have been manifesting is attracted to you, give thanks and appreciate what has happened. This process will only reconfirm that you are in control of what you bring into your life, and build up your trust in the process.

How to Manifest What You Want Through Visualisation

Goal visualisation is an important part of journaling for manifestation. Our goals can often seem like far-off, intangible things, and visualisation brings them close to home. Start by visualising the moment when you achieve your goal. What will it feel like? What are the sounds, the smells, the visuals? When journaling for manifestation, write this visualised moment down to keep with you when doubts seep in.

Visualise the different stages of reaching your goal. This helps you to uncover any complications. If your goal is to write a novel, you could visualise yourself successfully editing a chapter. What does that completed chapter look like in your mind? What steps do you need to take to reach it? 

Or if your goal is a successful job interview, imagine what the moment of success looks like. You might be smiling, thanking the interviewer. Through journaling for manifestation, you can develop ideas for what to say or how to behave when the moment actually comes.

Manifestation is closer than you think

When manifesting something, there are tell-tale signs that you’ve been doing it correctly and bringing the manifested results closer into your life. Knowing what to look out for will help to increase the positive feeling and knowledge that your manifestation is close.

  • Feeling overjoyed and excited - If you’ve found yourself feeling more excited and energetic than normal, this could be a sign that manifestation is close.
  • Keep hearing of your goals - If you find that you keep being reminded by your goals via conversations, tv, podcasts, or radio, then this could be a sign.
  • You keep seeing your goal - If you keep being reminded of your goal via magazines, tv, what you see around you, then this also could be a sign that your manifested goals are close.
  • Conversations - If you keep finding yourself in a conversation, or overhearing a conversation, that revolves around your goal, this could be a sign.

Manifestation is more than just magic. It’s a positive change in outlook and actions that boosts your chances of success. Manifestation isn’t about sitting and waiting for your goals to be brought to you by destiny - manifestation is about making your own destiny. The more that your goals become a positive force in your life through habitual action and journaling for manifestation, the more likely you are to reach them - that’s the science behind manifestation.

The Science Behind Manifestation: Why Journaling for Manifestation Works

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you explained it really good a lot of people think that manifesting is this “magical” something but in reality there is a lot of science behind it.
We all manifest, some of us are aware of it some are not.
because the human brain can process 11 million bits of information every second. But our conscious minds can only handle 40 or 50. and those are based on our unconsciousness. so if we manifest we keep on repeating a certain thing and that will be in your unconsciousness bias. and then for example you’ll also make
decisions based on your unconsciousness.

name January 21, 2022

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