Manifest Happiness in 10 Easy Steps

We all want to be happy, but we don’t always know what that means or how to get there. Using the art of manifestation, you can attract happiness into your life painlessly.

This article will guide you through the ten ways to manifest happiness in your life. 

How to manifest happiness in ten steps

  1. Work out what makes you happy

Happiness looks different to many people. For example, social media would have you believe that you need money, “success” (what does that even mean?!), and lots of friends to be happy. But that may not be what will make you feel fulfilled.

So, take a piece of paper and write down all the things in life, big and small, that make you happy and that you feel you may currently be lacking. 

  1. Choose which thing you want to manifest 

From your list of things that fill you with happiness, choose one that you want to focus on and bring into your life. This is going to be the happiness you manifest in your life. After all, manifestation works best when you get as specific as possible. It’s useful to look at examples of things to manifest into your life

  1. Find your WHY

Once you have chosen your thing, think about why you chose it. How is it going to make you happy? Be as specific as possible.

For example, you may choose money as the thing you want to manifest for your happiness. But when you think about why, it might be that you want money to buy a car. So, is it really the money that will make you happy, or the car?


  1. Visualise how your life will be different 

Once you are clear on what you want to manifest and why, spend some time visualising exactly how your life will look once that thing arrives in your life. What do you look like? Where is it? What does it look like? Once again, specificity is key 

  1. Create affirmations

Manifestations work by changing your energy and behaviour to reflect your goal as if you already have it. To help you with this, think of three affirmations that you can repeat daily to help attract what you want. Here are some happiness affirmations examples to help.

  • I am willing to be happy right now
  • I attract happiness and joy in to my life
  • When I am happy, I manifest more reasons to be happy
  • There are reasons to be happy all around me
  • Happiness comes from within me
  • I allow myself to feel good
  • I experience joy and happiness
  1. Embody the person you want to be at the end of this manifestation

Following your affirmations, make sure that your behaviour reflects your manifestation goals. So if you want to attract new friends, for example, carry yourself open to meeting new people.

  1. Believe you are worthy of accepting the happiness

To manifest, you have to believe. There can be no doubt in your mind that you deserve to receive what you desire.

  1. Journal your progress 

Manifestation can take time, and it can be disheartening to put in the effort and not see it come to fruition.

Journal your behaviours and how you’ve been tuning your life to accept your manifestation and how that has affected your life so you can track how the manifestation is progressing.

Journal your progress

  1. Be open to your desire manifesting in a different way

Like with the money example, if what you want is to buy a car, then it’s possible you may attain a car in a different way that isn’t receiving money, for example, you may win a competition, or your boss may give you a company car.

So, don’t worry too much about the method it reaches you; just focus on your why. 

  1. Express gratitude once you have received your happiness

Congratulations on manifesting your happiness! Now it’s time to show thanks for what you have received and show your appreciation.

Happy Manifesting!

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