How to start the habit of journaling daily

We often intend to begin a new habit. We gather all supplies necessary and set our intention to start. However, we may become busy and forget. Starting a journal is no different. Despite being an enjoyable and low effort activity, it can be hard to remember to start your gratitude journal. Here are some tips to make daily journaling a habit:

1. Keep your journal somewhere obvious. If you want to journal before bed, keep it on your nightstand, for example. The visual cue will remind you. If it is out of sight, it may remain out of mind.

2. Keep a working pen or pencil nearby. You don't want to sit down ready to do your journaling and not be able to find a writing utensil. It will cause you to lose motivation very quickly. Make sure that the writing utensil is functional too - no empty pens or broken pencils!

3. Don't feel pressure to need to write paragraphs when you first start. Making the task too big will make you unmotivated. Give yourself the challenge to write only 2 sentences at first. You may find that you end up writing more! Where if you felt like you needed to write 15 sentences, you might feel that the task is too daunting and not even want to start.

4. Write as soon as you get the urge. If you think of something you want to journal, write it down! If you aren't near your journal, write it on a phone note or nearby piece of paper. You can later expand on the idea in your journal.

5. Write about what you want to write about. Gratitude journals are popular, but you can also write about ideas you have, stories, or anything else!

6. Partner up with a friend for accountability. A friend may also be looking into starting journaling. You can remind each other and if you feel comfortable, share your writing!

Journaling is a great daily habit. Following these tips will make forming the habit easier. Visit Mål Paper for stationery to begin your journaling habit.

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