How to set goals effectively

Goal setting is an essential part of personal growth. Whether you're trying to build a career, develop a fulfilling social life, or just improve certain personal qualities, setting great goals is the first step. The way that you set your goals will affect the way you pursue them. Here are some tips to help you set your goals more effectively. 

Make sure your goals are measurable

In order for you to achieve your goals successfully, you will need to be able to track your progress. This is very difficult to do if your goals are vague. When setting your goals, make sure you choose ones that you can easily measure or quantify. For example, if you want to get in shape, setting a goal of going to the gym five times a week is much more effective than just saying you'll go to the gym more often.

Hold yourself accountable

You will be much more motivated to work towards your goals if you have some form of accountability for your actions. For some people, internal accountability is enough. Just tracking your goals every day in a journal can be enough motivation to make them happen. For others, external accountability is necessary for success. If this is you, try telling friends and family about your goals and asking them to check in with you. You'll feel more motivated if you know that other people have expectations of you. 

Boosts mood

When a person manages their stress levels better and improves their physical health, their mood will naturally lighten. Journaling is a great way to help the brain overcome emotional turmoil, leaving you feeling happier.

Don't be afraid to change your goals

As your life changes, it is very normal for your goals to change too. If you are feeling stuck on a goal, don't be afraid to adjust it to something more realistic. The ability to adjust your goals can actually help you be happier in the long run. Forcing yourself to put effort into something that just isn't working can actually hold you back from making progress. 

When setting your goals, it's helpful to write them down, which solidifies them mentally. Have a look at our own Daily Goal Setter planner, which works both as a productivity planner and gratitude journal - it's specifically formulated to help you be more effective and mindful throughout the day. This beautifully designed journal will be your new favourite accessory.

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