How spending time in nature can boost productivity and well-being

We all know that dark and dingy spaces can have a negative impact on our mood, well-being and productivity. Unfortunately, many people around the world continue to work in tight office spaces that offer little natural light and can seriously impact the mental health of workers. If you’re feeling a little trapped and unmotivated by your everyday surroundings, it may help to start getting out into nature on a regular basis. Here are just a few ways that the great outdoors could start to boost your mental health:

1. Spending time in nature can reduce feelings of stress

According to a number of recent studies, spending time amongst grass, trees and flowers can actually reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as well as lower blood pressure. Giving yourself time to appreciate beautiful surroundings can also work to refresh the brain, boosting focus and creativity. If you’re looking to improve productivity levels and feel calmer at work, taking a scenic walk is a great place to start.

2. Natural light helps to regulate your sleep cycle

Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle depends largely on how much natural light you are exposed to. Unfortunately, contemporary life can confuse people’s natural rhythms thanks to the intrusive lights of digital devices. To ensure that you achieve a decent amount of sleep every night and keep fatigue at bay, try to take in as much natural light throughout the day. Try to sit near a window while working and spend time outdoors.

3. Being in nature can increase levels of physical activity

If you struggle to get down to the gym every day, try exercising outdoors. It can feel much more liberating and enjoyable to take a jog amongst the trees than to run monotonously on a treadmill. Remember, too, that exercising regularly can release endorphins and boost your well-being.

4. Nature can encourage sociability

Being outside can encourage people to socialise and feel more open with the people around them. Compared to the fast-paced and often hostile environment of the city, natural green spaces can encourage people to get to know their neighbours and bond over a picnic or a walk. If you’re feeling isolated, head over to a local park with a friend.

Document your time in nature

As you increase your time spent in the great outdoors, try documenting how it has transformed your life in a gratitude journal. This will help to remind you of your achievements and progression whenever you need a pick-me-up. Check out our selection of journals and stationery by browsing our website!

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