Gratitude Journal Prompts for Wellbeing and Wellness

Gratitude journaling is a great wellbeing boost, but at first, you might not know where to begin. Writer's block is natural for those who journal, and that's why gratitude journal prompts for wellbeing are useful to give you inspiration for your thankful jottings. Here are our top gratitude prompts for wellbeing.

Gratitude Journal Prompts to Help with Stress

When you use gratitude journal prompts for wellbeing, the first step is always to let go of stressors. Gratitude journal prompts help with stress, because they recalibrate your mind to focus on the positive moments, rather than the negative. 

One of the best gratitude journal prompts for wellbeing is to explore feelings of gratitude for relaxation itself. What makes you relax? Think in terms of all five senses. Perhaps it's the sound of rustling Autumn leaves, or maybe the sight of a glowing fireplace. Write in your gratitude journal about these relaxing moments, and how they make you feel. Not only will this help you relax, but it also identifies relaxation techniques that can help you when you face stress in the future.

Gratitude Journal Prompts and the Law of Attraction 

The law of attraction works on the principle that your outlook and actions determine your outcomes. Using gratitude journal prompts with the law of attraction involves adapting the way you practice gratitude to manifest your goals. 

One of the best gratitude journal prompts for wellbeing is expressing gratitude for your future self. Give thanks for the person you are going to become. Give thanks for the wonderful opportunities you are going to have. This is not wishful thinking, it’s manifestation.

If you want to develop confidence, write in your gratitude journal about a time you handled a situation with confidence. What made you feel confident? Were you power dressing? Did you practice affirmations beforehand? Identify a few things that make you feel confident, and express gratitude for them. This helps you identify ways to develop into your ideal future self.

Gratitude Journal Prompts to Increase Productivity and Happiness 

The main purpose of gratitude journal prompts for wellbeing is to increase productivity and happiness. Expressing gratitude gives you an opportunity to focus on what makes you happy - from the little moments to big events. 

Sometimes the biggest frustrations in our day can come from poor organisation. Everyone knows the stress of a late morning with piles of work looming ahead. Gratitude journal prompts for wellbeing work best as part of an early morning routine. 

Encourage yourself into a healthier morning routine by giving thanks to its benefits in your gratitude journal through the day. When you get extra work done (and all before 11am!), express gratitude for the extra time your early morning gave you. When you feel productive all through your working hours, give thanks to your relaxing evening the night before. The more you use gratitude journal prompts to improve your routines, the more your productivity and happiness will blossom. 

Gratitude journaling boosts your wellbeing, because it's a burst of positivity in your day. If you're feeling stressed or unproductive, gratitude journal prompts for wellbeing give you the space to consider what works for you and appreciate the progress you have made.

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