14 Examples of Entries For a Law of Attraction Journal

Ever heard your friends talking about manifestation, but aren't quite sure what they are talking about? Manifestation has become more well known over recent years due to popular books such as The Secret.

Manifestation works on the principle that your opportunities in life and work are influenced by your outlook and actions. Your law of attraction journal should focus on making the goals you want to manifest an integral part of your outlook and actions. The more consistent you are with your law of attraction journal, the easier it will be to manifest. Here are some examples of entries in a law of attraction to inspire your manifesting.

Is There Science or Evidence That Law Of Attraction Works

Yes and no. While manifestation has become increasingly popular due to the book mentioned above, professionals in the industry put manifestation down to being only claims and not actually proven.

However, recently there has been some evidence to back up the claims of the positive benefits to those who practice law of attraction. One of the more well known examples is mirror neurons. Mirror neurons occur in an individual when they are replicating another persons state or reaction - for example, when one individual is in a positive state this can have a positive effect on the state of those in close proximity to them.

This goes to show that those who focus on the negatives will often find it hard to succeed, while those who focus on the positives will tend to attract success. A simple example of this would be if an individual were to tell themselves that they would never meet a partner, then they are shutting themselves off to the possibility of meeting someone new and often self sabotaging any potential success.

How Manifesting Works in a Law of Attraction Journal

All law of attraction journals need a clear starting point. What exactly do you want to achieve? What is your end goal? The only two rules are: Be specific, and make sure the goal is attainable.

Examples of entries could include:

"Within the next year, I want to set up my graphic design business."

"I want to improve my grade by 20% for my next assignment."

"I want to find a 3 bedroom house with a garden within the next 6 months."

Next, split that goal down into three smaller mid-term goals that you can work towards to reach your main goal.

For the assignment example, examples of entries might include:

"I will look at videos and read articles to improve my study technique.

"I will practice mindfulness before beginning study sessions."

"I will build connections with my peers to brainstorm and develop skills together."

Finally, split these goals down further into daily micro-goals that you can work on throughout the week. Don't overface yourself with too many goals at once. Instead, focus on one or two that you can complete each day.

Examples of entries could include:

"I will watch two 15 minute YouTube videos about the Pomodoro technique."

"I will practice mindful breathing for ten minutes before and after my study session."

"I will discuss my law of attraction journal with my peers to find out their ideas."

What to Write in a Gratitude Journal for the Law of Attraction

You might be surprised to learn that gratitude has a huge impact on the law of attraction.  Taking time to appreciate the positives in your life helps you understand how to take those positives forward. 

Examples of entries might include:

"I am grateful for the positive discussion I had with another student. She told me that setting SMART goals worked for her, which gave me inspiration."

This expression of gratitude could then be followed up with suggestions for how to take the ideas forward:

"I am going to set my own SMART goals for my next assignment, and I will help other students to work on their own."

Appreciating the happy moments in our lives puts our challenges into perspective. The more we appreciate, the more positivity we radiate into our actions. Gratitude journaling sets us up to manifest our goals by shaping the way we view our lives.

Writing in Journal

How to Use a Law of Attraction Journal for Goal Setting

A law of attraction journal is the ultimate tool for goal setting. There is no one 'correct' example of how to use a law of attraction journal, but your prefered strategy might be to visualise your goals. Rather than writing notes about goals for hours on end, visualisation focuses on the moment you reap the benefits.

Examples of entries include:

"I am sunbathing on a patch of warm Californian sand, on holiday from my new job."

“I am opening a box filled with freshly printed copies of my very first novel.”

“I am at my graduation, walking on stage to accept my Business Studies degree.”

Go into as much detail as possible, focusing on the sounds and sights as you finally reach your dreams. It might seem counterintuitive to plan for the 'best-case scenario', thinking of all the wonderful things you'll do when you reach your goals - but it actually has the opposite effect. Visualisation reminds you that you’re working towards goals for a reason. All your hard graft will pay off in the end.

The law of attraction has long been perceived as a magical technique that promises, but doesn't deliver. This is a misconception that ignores the hard work involved in manifestation. The law of attraction doesn't magic your goals out of thin air, it's a framework to build seemingly distant goals into consistent parts of your everyday life.

14 Examples of Entries For a Law of Attraction Journal

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