Bullet Journal Ideas for Business

Journaling makes a huge impact on your business - from recording your finances to planning for business development. In particular, bullet journaling can have a long term impact, helping you to save time and make your business plans more structured and clear. Here are some bullet journal ideas for business to manifest your business goals.

Why Bullet Journaling is Good for Business

So, why specifically does bullet journaling help to manifest business goals? Two factors behind the most successful businesses are time and organization. Time is important for business, because more time means more progress. If you have ample time to develop your business, your brand has time to flourish, and you avoid making rushed decisions. 

Another reason bullet journaling for business works is because a bullet journal uses symbols to stand for certain types of tasks. Bullet journal ideas help you to manifest business goals, because you can analyse your plans over the next weeks and months at a single glance.

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Bullet Journal Ideas in a Goal Planner for Business

Bullet journal ideas work best with a goal planner for business. When used in a goal planner, bullet journaling dramatically simplifies your plans to manifest your business goals. As well as traditional bullet journaling symbols, you can also use symbols and initials to represent specific categories of business goals and tasks. 

(F) - Financial goals and tasks (e.g. purchasing Facebook ads, paying rent, etc)

(SA) - Social media and advertising goals (e.g. gaining 1000 new followers, etc.)

(M) - Managerial goals (e.g. employee appraisals, etc)

By arranging your business goals in this way, you can develop a clearer perspective on how they relate to each other. For example, you can examine your financial goals in relation to your incoming finances to plan for the right time to pay for that office coffee machine or Instagram advertising campaign.

Bullet Journal Ideas to Manifest Business Goals

Once you’ve written all your business goals in your bullet journal, it’s time to work on manifestation! Bullet journal shorthand can be used to categorize your goals further. How long do you need to spend on the goal? How important or time-specific is the goal? Are any of the tasks more challenging than others? Do you need to take photos or videos of certain tasks for social media posts?

Symbols could include:

(>) - Long task, requiring over than an hour’s time

(<) - Short task, requiring less than an hour

(!) - Important or time specific tasks

(#) - Challenging task

(Is) - To be posted to an Instagram story

(Iv) or (Ip) - To be made into an Instagram video or post

(YT) - YouTube video

Examples of entries might look like:

(<Is) - Unbox new stock

(!Ip) - Pack up customer orders, take before and after photos

Mix shorthand symbols together to build an image of your daily tasks, including their importance and relationship to other tasks. 

Bullet journal ideas for business help you to categorize and schedule your goals clearly and specifically. It can be challenging at first to plan using the symbols, but once you understand bullet journaling shorthand, you can quickly and easily record your goals and tasks. Bullet journaling shortens the time you spend planning your goals, and establishes a clear overview of your plans ahead.

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