Affirmations for focus

These are some of our favourite focus affirmations. Read them, repeat them and think about the meaning behind the words. These affirmations are the perfect tool to improve your thoughts.

Focus Affirmation 1: I affirm only good in my life.

I affirm only good in my life - Focus Affirmation

Focus Affirmation 2: I am living my full potential.

I am living my full potential - Focus Affirmation

Focus Affirmation 3: I am in charge of my life.

I am in charge of my life - Focus Affirmation

Focus Affirmation 4: I am safe and secure.

I am safe and secure - Focus Affirmation

Focus Affirmation 5: I speak and think gratitude.

I speak and think gratitude - Focus Affirmation

Focus Affirmation 6: I am at peace with myself.

I am at peace with myself - Focus Affirmation

If these affirmations help you then print them out or save them to your desktop as a daily reminder. Alternatively, our Affirmation Card Deck is the perfect tool for making affirmations part of your daily routine.

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