5 Ways Journaling Heals the Soul and Mind

Journaling has long been recognised for its therapeutic qualities. When we jot down our innermost thoughts and feelings, we can let out our troubles and explore our conflicts in more detail. While it can never replace professional therapy, therapeutic journaling heals the soul and mind through providing a space for mindfulness and relaxation in our daily routines. 

How Journaling Helps Our Sleep Patterns

Our sleep patterns have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. If we sleep well, we have the energy and positive outlook to manage all the challenges life sends our way. So, how does journaling help sleep? 

Therapeutic journaling is all about relaxing the mind. Throughout the day, our minds are buzzing with millions of plans and worries. Journaling heals the soul and mind, because it gives us space away from the bustle of daily life to vent our stresses. Journaling about your daily concerns before bed can take a weight off your mind as you sleep. A problem shared is a problem halved.


Therapeutic Journaling for Anxiety 

Therapeutic journaling can also support anxiety. Many people experience anxiety and stress through their lives. Often, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes us feel anxious or stressed. 

Journaling heals the soul, because it enables us to question our ways of thinking and understand why we feel a certain way. Create an anxiety journal to write about your worries. What exactly is troubling you? Is there a certain time your anxieties strike? Through journaling, you can pinpoint the next steps for overcoming your fears.

Journaling For Sadness and Depression 

Journaling heals the soul, because you can use your daily journal to focus on what makes you happy. How many hours of the day do you spend on the computer or scrolling through social media feeds? The internet can connect you to others, but it can also isolate you. 

Writing with a pen and paper takes you away from the screen to spend time getting to know yourself. Therapeutic journaling helps you to value yourself - with all your inner needs and emotions, helping you work through sadness and depression.

Journaling to Heal a Broken Heart 

Journaling is a listening ear that is always there for you. Journaling is also a way to listen to yourself. So, when you’re going through a relationship breakdown, journaling heals the soul. 

Write about the relationship, with all its ups and downs. What lessons can you take away for your future? How has it made you feel? What small steps can you take to practice self care as you work through this difficult time?

Why Journaling Helps You Build Healthy Routines

Journaling heals the soul and mind, but it takes time. Mental and physical wellbeing develops through consistency, not quick solutions. Journaling helps you to build healthy routines into your life consistently. Healthier routines mean a healthier body and mind.

Start slowly. Build one aspect of a healthy routine into your journal each week. For example, in week one, plot in a set time for a healthy breakfast at 7:30 each morning. In the second week, add a 10 minute mindfulness session into your daily routine, and gradually build up from there. After you have completed your daily routine, write in your journal about the experience and how it made you feel.

Therapeutic journaling is a slow burn that heals your soul and mind over time. It gives you a private space to let out your emotions and explore your worries. Our inner struggles are personal, and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to understand where our fears originated from. Therapeutic journaling heals the soul and mind by helping you make time for yourself.

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