Why Mindfulness is a Necessity For Personal Growth

Mindfulness is an effective yet overlooked necessity for personal growth. Through practising mindfulness, you will be in a better position to make the most of all the effects that arise due to your choices and decisions.

Being mindful requires one to be an unbiased observer. It means being able to stay in the present without allowing the mind to deviate. Rather than being in a state of high sensory awareness, through mindfulness, you can understand things more consciously and clearly.

How mindfulness will help in your journey of personal growth?

Increased self-esteem

We all have opinions about ourselves, most of which impact our confidence, behaviour, and self-esteem. But, what are the bases or purpose of these opinions? Through mindfulness, you can recognise any negative-self talk and start to abandon it. With time, you will become more positive and start feeling better about yourself.

Control over your life

Attachments dictate most of our decisions, hence our lives. Sometimes, you might find it easy to run away from pain or cling to pleasure. These attachments could get in the way of achieving your deeper goals. By practising mindfulness, you will be in a position to detach from meaningless attachments, and eventually, gain control over your life.

Rediscovering yourself

When you start becoming mindful, you know when you are and aren’t present. You will focus on your emotions, and in turn, you will be able to identify any personal barriers. For instance, what keeps you from having a feeling of satisfaction? Or pleasure? Mindfulness will help you discover things you may not have known about yourself in the past, therefore helping with personal growth.

Other advantages of living mindfully

When you begin practising mindfulness, your perspective about yourself, others and the world in general starts to change. This is because you are in a better position to understand the nature of events happening around you.

By focusing on present moments, you will have a better perception of other people's motives, behaviour, and intentions.

Most importantly, mindfulness gives you a better understanding of your thoughts, behaviour, and feelings.

With better clarity, you are in a better position to determine what you can or cannot do. You will be able to handle all situations and make the best of them, offering you a sense of control. Being mindful breaks the power that the past or uncertain future had on you. 

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