Gratitude Journaling and Personal Development

Once you have decided to turn your life around and make the most of it, it will start to feel better. You are now seeking to better yourself and work toward personal development. However, like any other significant decision, it may feel overwhelming at first.

Personal development involves mental, social, physical, health, and spiritual wellness. Often in life, we go through so much pressure that sometimes we do not recognize things we should be thankful for. Instead, we shift our focus to what we are struggling with.

Gratitude journaling is an underutilized tool that can tremendously improve your happiness and overall life satisfaction. Here is how it can help in your journey of personal growth;

Improves self-esteem

Journaling is considered a private activity that keeps you in line with your achievements. Thus, by having a gratitude journal, you are less likely to make social comparisons. Besides, by noting what you are grateful for, you develop self-belief in your abilities, and hence, you tend to be less resentful to others.

Better focus

By noting down what you are grateful for, you get to focus on it. With time, you learn to ignore the negative and appreciate what goes right. Also, by gratitude journaling, you can quickly identify patterns that you can use to reach your goals. For instance, if your gratitude is often in nature, you can start making more time for outdoor activities.

Increases productivity

When you start focusing on the good events that are happening in your life continually, you naturally become more optimistic. The scientific explanation behind this is that by giving thanks, the body releases dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone that increases your energy levels. Thus, resulting in increased productivity.

Better relationships

When going through a hard time, most of us tend to isolate themselves. Working on restoring your relationship with people maybe after a period of depression gets easy with gratitude journaling. Through journaling, you will be in a better position to appreciate people in your life. With time, you will foster healthy connections and better relationships.

Improves health

There is a strong connection between your mental and physical health. The benefits of expressing gratitude supersede psychological benefits. By being happier and less stressed, you get to enjoy low blood pressure, increased longevity, and better productivity.

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