Happiness Journaling for Kids with Affirmation Cards

Happiness - it has surprising effects on our mental and physical wellbeing, and it's no different for our children. It's a misconception that children are always happy and aren't impacted by challenging events in the same way that adults are. When used with affirmation cards, happiness journaling for kids helps children to think about what makes them happy, and develop resilience techniques to support their mental health through life's challenges. 

Why Happiness Journaling for Kids with Affirmation Cards Works 

So, what are affirmation cards, and how do they impact on happiness journaling for kids? Affirmations cards feature short affirming messages to encourage and support young people to believe in themselves and reach for their dreams. 

Especially when their mental wellbeing is low, children sometimes need a fresh perspective on their lives. They might not understand fully what aspects of their lives they struggle with, or what exactly they should do to improve their wellbeing. Affirmation cards provide prompts to encourage young people to see their world in a whole new way. Affirmation cards can also be carried in a backpack or bag, so they can bring words of encouragement to children wherever they go.

Affirmation Cards in a Daily Journal for Kids

Happiness journaling for kids with affirmation cards can help young people to make their lives more balanced by plotting in time for the things that make them happy. Affirmations help young people to uncover what makes them happy, and experience it in a structured way. For example, an affirmation about appreciating your quirks can help children who have experienced bullying or low self-esteem to view their uniqueness as something to embrace. 

Affirmations can also give young people inspiration for how to tackle the tasks of the day. For example, affirmations about creativity could inspire them to draw a creative diagram to understand their science homework, or think creatively about how they want their room to look as they tidy it. 

Mindfulness for Children with Affirmation Cards 

Affirmation cards can support mindfulness practice, because they give young people direction for their mindfulness. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be limited to breathing exercises. With happiness journaling for kids, mindfulness can also help young people to examine their innermost thoughts and move forward with their lives. 

For example, affirmation cards about letting go can help children to think about fears and anxieties that are troubling them, and then imagine themselves physically letting the anxieties float away, up into the air or down a river. This isn’t about ignoring fears, but instead recognising them as thoughts that arise in the mind, rather than being based firmly in reality.

Children and Mindfulness

Happiness journaling for kids helps young people to recognise what makes them happy, and build their confidence. The more they build happiness journaling into their lives, the more they can view their challenges in context. Affirmation cards provide inspiration for happiness journaling, from ideas to spark creativity to boosting self-esteem. Consistent happiness journaling for kids with affirmation cards is a great way to help children to flourish and develop resilience.

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