A Better Life; Step One: The Ultimate List of 195 Affirmations

The power of your mind and beliefs is truly beyond imagination. For example, when individuals decide that they’re going to be something, they should convince their inner selves that they can overcome all the hiccups in their path. This will help them reach their aim through an easier road. 

We’re not saying that a positive atmosphere or just “vibes” will get you to where you want; honest work, resilience, strength, intelligence, and knowledge are all foundations of any successful trip. Nonetheless, affirmations, when used properly, can be the building blocks of these foundations.

Plus, there’s a lot of science and experiments that support the use of affirmations daily for proper encouragement and stability. 

Some people use affirmations in the form of statements through repeating them or even journaling them down. Others decide to go with the more visual way, such as creating an affirmation board. These boards can house pictures and quotes reflecting their deepest desires. 

And today, we’ll provide you with as many affirmations as possible, so you’ll be able to choose those that work for you and your specific circumstances.

Some are general affirmations that you can start with, while others are directed towards certain aspects and problems commonly faced in life.

General Affirmations

These can be used in any situation, and the most useful application for them is to start and end your day with a few statements to support yourself on the broadest spectrum.

  1. I create my own life using my balance. 
  2. My opportunities are endless.
  3. I have health, peace of mind, and a colorful soul.
  4. I’m more than enough.
  5. I don’t entertain negativity.
  6. I love that various people have faith in me.
  7. I create my happiness through my minute details.
  8. My blessings are countless; unparalleled family, education, career, and friends.
  9. I embrace my life’s flow and ripples while letting it unfold.
  10. I focus only on creating the life I want. 
  11. I start small or big; any move can end stagnation.
  12. My gut is never wrong; my intuition always takes me in the right course.
  13. My uniqueness comes from my quirks.
  14. I can become anything I desire once I’ve put my mind to it.
  15. I have complete faith in my dreams, and I won’t stop until they become my reality.
  16. I’ve guidance; hence, I’m fearless.
  17. I’m the master of my fate.
  18. I give when I can because I know what goes around comes around.
  19. My failures only open more doors for me to learn.
  20. I believe that massive action is the key to all dilemmas.
  21. I love, channel, and embrace the creative energy that fills me.
  22. I avoid regret by giving space to every desire, hope, and dream of mine to brew.
  23. My spiritual life comes before my materialistic one.
  24. I’m a successful individual.
  25. I’m always confident in my ways, ideas, and actions.
  26. I’m at my current peak.
  27. I choose to be happy.
  28. My resilience is the gift that will get me through it all.
  29. I fully believe in myself.
  30. I accept myself, at its highest and lowest alike.
  31. I love myself unconditionally.
  32. I won’t ever judge myself.
  33. Comparison will kill my every joy, so I steer clear of it.


Classified Affirmations

This is our second category, and it contains affirmations for particular pillars of development that we need to maintain and keep erect to achieve the best quality of life possible.


  1. I will receive and give love to myself.
  2. I’m at peace with my current lot in life.
  3. I embrace who I really am.
  4. I’m perfect, now and forever.
  5. I’m creating and channeling my own form of love.
  6. I’m whole; mind, body, and soul.
  7. I’m steadily growing and evolving.
  8. I forgive myself for my past and future mistakes.
  9. I’m proud of who I’m becoming every day.
  10. I’m gorgeous inside and out.
  11. My journey of self-love is extending every day.
  12. I’m always a work in progress.
  13. I’ll view myself in a new light every day.
  14. Today’s beliefs serve today; I’ll let bygones be bygones.
  15. I deserve affection.
  16. I adore my body and all it allows me to do.
  17. My oddities are what define me.
  18. My body is only a fraction of who I’m.
  19. Today, and every day, I choose me.
  20. I’m who I need to be today.
  21. I sprout love to me and my circle.
  22. I’m accepted, and accepting.
  23. I have all that I need inside of me.
  24. I appreciate and love myself deeply, sincerely, and fully.
  25. My own love is the truest one.

Anxiety and Depression

  1. I choose to stay calm.
  2. I’ll only entertain positive and nurturing thoughts.
  3. I’m where I need to be at the moment.
  4. I’ll reach my peak capabilities.
  5. I happily release my past doings.
  6. I’m looking ahead to my self-made bright future.
  7. I’m safe.
  8. I inhale energy and exhale darkness.
  9. I’m brave and strong.
  10. I’m not my anxiety.
  11. I’ll look past my anxiety.
  12. I have the power to move past my anxiety.
  13. I’m in command of my rhythm.
  14. My inner calm will take over.
  15. I’ll enjoy the beauty surrounding me.
  16. I’ve survived my anxiety before, and I’ll do it again
  17. I’m patient.
  18. I’ll take things slowly at first, one day at a time.
  19. I’m present in this instant.
  20. It’s okay to be uncomfortable; I’ll grow here.
  21. I don’t deserve abuse.
  22. I’m a good and kind soul.
  23. My talents are unparalleled.
  24. I’ll actively carry on my healing process.
  25. I’ll reflect my joy on others.
  26. I’m all ears to those who need it.
  27. I have many supportive friends by my side.
  28. I’ve broken free from any toxic relationship.
  29. I’m a loyal friend and partner.
  30. I understand how others feel.


  1. I’ve every right to take up as much space as I need.
  2. My past will only serve as a lesson; it won’t carve my future.
  3. I’m hearty and experienced enough to make my own decisions.
  4. I’m in control of how I react to every event and act.
  5. I can choose peace.
  6. I’m brave and will always stand up for myself.
  7. I’ll succeed today.
  8. I deserve pure joy.
  9. I deserve every form of affection.
  10. My comfort grows more and more every day.
  11. I’m tranquil, happy, and content.
  12. My life is a precious gift, and I appreciate everything I had, have and will have.
  13. I surround myself with people who’ll bring out the best in me, as I do the same for them.
  14. I only need myself to feel happiness.
  15. I’m allowed to take my time to properly and fully heal.
  16. All is, or will be, well.
  17. Life is all about balance; perfection isn’t an option for humans.
  18. I choose acceptance over criticism for me and others around me.
  19. Success is always within my potential.
  20. Darkness only serves to accentuate the light.
  21. I choose to forgive those who’ve hurt me.
  22. Change is an option within my power.
  23. The Internet is vague; I won’t use it as a source of comparisons.
  24. I’m always enough.
  25. My life gets better as I age.
  26. All is within my grasp.
  27. I won’t concede either respect or acceptance.
  28. My contributions to the world, small or big, are precious.
  29. My needs and wants are priorities.
  30. I’ll be graciously remembered by the people around me.
  31. I’ll attract abundance into my life.
  32. Tremendous opportunities are ready, with open doors, for me to step into.
  33. I’m free of all bounds.
  34. I’ll create a life that satisfies me
  35. New adventures are welcome in my life.
  36. I’m bold, odd, courageous, and brilliant.
  37. My body is intended to be in this form for a reason.
  38. When I shine, I unconsciously give other people permission to shine along.
  39. Worrying will never alter the future.
  40. Small steps will snowball into giant steps that will bring progress about.
  41. Negative thoughts can only affect me if I let them.
  42. I choose to see the good in all.
  43. I fully deserve to feel good in my skin.
  44. I thank my chubby, chafing thighs for taking me wherever I wish to go for years on end.
  45. I thank my pigmented skin for not giving me cancer.
  46. I thank my fat folds for protecting my organs.
  47. I thank my saggy breasts for nourishing my precious kids.
  48. I thank my uterus for the painful contractions that brought my children healthily into the world.
  49. I thank my arms for lifting way beyond their capabilities.

Open Journal


  1. I’m human, and I have rights.
  2. Everyone has failed at least once.
  3. At the end of the day, I tried, honestly.
  4. Being hard on myself will get me nowhere.
  5. My mistakes will contour my future.
  6. I have the power to let this go and move forward.
  7. There’s always tomorrow; I’ll get up and try again.
  8. Change is applicable in any moment and at any age.
  9. My challenges are opportunities in disguise.
  10. My regrets won’t weigh me down anymore; I’ll shed them.
  11. I accept my failures, but I’m way more than them.
  12. My resilience will get me to where I wish to be.
  13. I’ll honor my life’s path with all of its ups and downs.
  14. Progress is achievable; perfection isn’t.
  15. Resilience equals success.
  16. Staying inside of my head will get me nowhere; I’ll get into the world.
  17. My strengths and weaknesses make me a whole person.
  18. I’ll be the change that I want to witness in the world.
  19. I’ll treat myself with the kindness that I’ll extend to a friend.
  20. I’ll, unashamedly, explore my feelings and express them.
  21. I won’t ever apologize for being the truest form of me.
  22. I have much to celebrate every single day.
  23. I trust in myself.
  24. I’ll melt away all of the self-hatred, one step at a time.
  25. I’m a gift to the world.
  26. My tiny seeds will provide shade, food, and ambiance to the generations to come.
  27. Self-pity has no place in my life.
  28. Compassion for myself and others is always the first option.
  29. I cherish the relationship between me, myself, and I.
  30. I have so much to offer today and more tomorrow.
  31. Positive thoughts will rule over my subconscious.
  32. My limitations can be tackled or not; either way, I’ll respect them. 
  33. I’m grateful for everything that I can do.
  34. Weight is just a number.
  35. I expel all negative thoughts regarding my body.
  36. Confidence makes me glow with power.
  37. I’ll properly nourish my body in every possible way every day.
  38. My spirit is full of vitality.
  39. My body deserves love, just the way it is.
  40. Self-worth and clothing sizes have absolutely nothing in common.
  41. Shame about my body is an unwelcome guest.
  42. My mind shall never be a bully to my body.
  43. I shan’t obsess about my body anymore.
  44. Hating my body won’t make me feel better.
  45. Life is so much more than worrying about what I look like.
  46. Life doesn’t stop at my goal weight; it’s happening right now.


  1. I accept only the love that I deserve.
  2. I’ll attract the partners I desire.
  3. I’ll turn my dating hopes into my reality.
  4. I’m good enough for any and everyone.
  5. My ambitions are boundless.
  6. Success is in the stars for me.
  7. A work-life balance will definitely come in due time for me.
  8. It’s just this phase of my life.
  9. I’m financially independent and thriving.
  10. Pressure won’t put me down; I’ll overcome it.
  11. I’m farsighted, sensible, and wise.
  12. I’m focused.

A Few Tips

  • Always start your affirmations with ‘’I’’ or ‘’My’’.
  • Don’t limit yourself to what you find on the Internet; create your own affirmations.
  • Keep your affirmations where you can see them.
  • Believe in every word you say.

Last Thoughts

To recap, affirmations should be utilized at the start of your day and the end of it. They’re used to remind you of all of the blessings that you have and can have. What you don’t own today will be brought to your doorstep tomorrow.

That is all through your labor, honesty, purposefulness, self-control, and strengths. So even if one day you‘re all by yourself, you’ll always have one person who’ll love you unconditionally and accept you without bounds. That is the same individual that you’ve grown inside of your warrior body.

A Better Life; Step One: The Ultimate List of 195 Affirmations

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