The daily pages of the My Starter Kids Journal are split into two sections - morning and evening. The morning section helps to set your day with kindness and motivation. The evening section is an area to reflect on the day, and focus on the positive things that have happened. 

Morning Section 


Start by circling the face that expresses how you are feeling. If you’re with an adult, you can discuss why you’ve circled a particular face. It might be that you are excited for a day at school, or you might feel worried about something. 

Daily affirmation 

Write down your daily affirmation. Try to choose a different affirmation each day. Repeat this to yourself or with an adult. 


Choose three things that you’re grateful for.
These can be little or big things. You might write down ‘I am grateful for my breakfast,’ ‘I am grateful for my family,’ ‘I am grateful for my home,’ or ‘I am grateful for learning new things.’ This small act will help to focus on the positives in life. 

How to make the day great 

Write down one thing that you’ll do today which will make it great. This could be helping a friend, making sure to listen in class, or being kind to your family. 


Evening Section 

Things that happened today 

It’s now time to wind down after your day and reflect on what happened. It could be that you were given a star sticker in class, you met a friend, you played a fun game with your family, or received a gift. Focus on why this made you happy, and discuss this if you’re with an adult or friend. 

Today’s lessons 

Finish your daily entry by writing down something that you learnt. This could be a simple fact that your teacher taught you, something that you didn’t know about your best friend, or something about yourself. 

Helping others 

On alternate days, the journal will ask how you might have helped others on that day. It could be that you helped a classmate in a lesson, held the door open for someone, or helped to cook dinner. 

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