Why Gratitude Journaling and Affirmations Increase Happiness

We are often encouraged to believe that happiness is a thing we can obtain, a destination we can reach. This is a perspective that leads us to feel unfulfilled, forever thinking that an external thing will bring true happiness. 

In reality, to increase happiness you need to live happily. Happiness is a state of mind. Gratitude journaling and affirmations work to increase happiness through focusing your mind on the positives in your life. Why exactly do they work? 

Read on to find out.

Use a gratitude journal to improve mood

How to Use a Daily Planner for Gratitude Journaling 

All too often we can become fixated with our tasks, and we forget to appreciate what we already have. Expressing gratitude daily helps you to develop a positive outlook as part of your everyday life. Studies have shown that writing about gratitude helps to give people a real positivity boost

Gratitude journaling in a daily planner is a great way to start your day. To boost productivity as you work towards important goals, write down just three things you feel grateful for before getting started.

Your gratitude journaling needs to be specific. What makes your life happy? 

Maybe it’s a family member who gives the best hugs. Maybe it’s your good health or the safety of where you live. Maybe it’s a talent you enjoy that has kept you going through difficult times. Whatever you are grateful for, expressing your gratitude can put negatives into focus and help you break outside of your own thoughts. 

Using a gratitude journal in morning or night

Morning or Night? When to Use a Gratitude Journal

There's no one set time to use a gratitude journal. 

Gratitude journaling in the morning can be a motivator for the rest of the day. It sets you up to see the world in a more positive light. In the evening, a gratitude journal can help you to look back over your day and register your gratitude for the positive moments. 

Write in your gratitude journal whenever you feel the need. Recording a positive experience can be a real boost when you’re at a low ebb during the day. 

Try to write in your gratitude journal at a consistent time each day, so it fits into your daily routine and builds a strong habit.

Affirmations in your daily planner

Increase Happiness through Affirmations in Your Daily Planner

Affirmations in a daily planner can also increase happiness. Affirmations are positive statements used to combat negative thinking patterns. There is a lot more to affirmations than simply complimenting yourself - affirmations rewire your ways of thinking.

A daily planner is perfect for use with affirmations. Before writing down daily tasks, you can write affirmations to boost your self-belief and focus your mind. 

Tailor your affirmations to fit your daily planner goals. Are your tasks fitness related? A positive affirmation might be, ‘I am...strong and I WILL get fit!’ What about creative writing? How about: ‘I am...imaginative. I believe in my ability as a writer!’ 

Keep your affirmations in your mind throughout the day. Repeat your affirmations before you start on each task to remind yourself of your abilities.

Can Affirmations Help with Anxiety?

It’s important to remember that affirmations are not a substitute for long-term mental health treatment. However, they can be really helpful for managing daily life with an Anxiety disorder. 

Affirmations draw our attention to our strengths - strengths we often forget. Affirmations set you on a path of positive thinking throughout your day.

Affirmations are also important grounding tools. They focus your mind on your inner strengths so your mind is less likely to drift onto more negative thoughts through the day. 

Gratitude journaling and affirmations increase happiness throughout your day-to-day life. Keep your daily planner beside you as much as possible. The entries in your gratitude journal don’t need to be lengthy. Quality over quantity. Expressing gratitude reframes your day to focus on positives that would normally go unnoticed. 

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