Why Goal Setting is Important for Productivity

We all have days that are completely disorganised. Days where nothing gets done, and you go to bed feeling muddled and overwhelmed. You think to yourself, ‘I had all that time and inspiration, and yet nothing really got accomplished.’ 

Productivity measures our effectiveness at achieving tasks. The phrase ‘it’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it’ is actually very true. Organisational tools, such as goal setting, can transform a disorganised day into a hive of productivity.

So, why is goal setting important for productivity? Read on to find out.

How Setting Goals Can Lead to Success

One reason why goal setting is important for productivity is because it can directly lead to success. Goals take distant dreams and make them doable through a breadcrumb trail of smaller tasks. 

Keeping your goals manageable is key. Make them challenging. Make them realistic. Goals should provide you with tangible objectives to reach. Overreaching can set you back big-time.

Another reason that goal setting is important to productivity is that it allows you to properly analyze your goals. An unrealistic goal like ‘I want to be a CEO in 3 months time’ might have a deeper core, such as, ‘I want to be my own boss’. Through setting goals, you might discover your true calling.

setting goals with a goal planner to improve productivity

How to Become More Productive With Your Day Through Goal Setting

Goal setting is important for more than just long-term goals. Goal setting provides your day with direction. 

At the start of the day, write down 5 goals to complete that day. Be realistic. ‘Write a best-selling novel’ is not likely to be completed in 24 hours, but ‘write an outline of chapter one’ might be a good starting point. 

Goal setting is important for productivity, because productivity is slowed down by overzealousness. We aim to change the world in one day - and when it’s not possible, we lose motivation. Goal setting encourages a consistent routine of completing smaller objectives, instead of tackling everything at once. 

Use Your Planner for Goal Setting - Here’s Why It Works

Planners are perfect for goal setting. By writing your goals down, you’re more likely to feel empowered to go through with them. Goals are promises you make to yourself. 

Writing goals down is like signing a promissory note. By seeing the words written in front of you, suddenly you have clarity about what exactly needs to be accomplished.

Whatsmore, you now have a visual guide to your achievements. Mark a line through completed goals. Prioritise goals, and split them into smaller tasks. Colour code using pens and highlighters. Planners personalise your goals.

how to use SMARt goals to improve productivity

How to Set SMART Goals 

SMART is a series of guidelines which helps to ensure your goals are effective for achieving your aims. Goal setting is important to productivity, but especially when you set goals effectively.

SMART stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Sensitive

Specific: Keeping your goals specific makes it more likely that you will achieve them. What specific tasks do you need to complete to achieve your long-term goals?

Measurable: Simultaneously, you also need to be able to tell when you’ve reached your goals. How will you measure when a goal is complete?

Achievable: Be sure your goals are actually attainable. ‘Become the owner of a multimillion pound company’ sounds good on paper, but perhaps ‘write a business plan’ or ‘search for business grants’ might be more attainable?

Relevant: Ask yourself: is this the right goal for me? A goal like ‘get a job with great pay’ sounds ideal, but it could mean you end up taking a job you hate or don’t have the right skills for.

Time-Sensitive: Some goals will have time limits - submitting a job application, for example. Even if your goal isn’t time sensitive, set time limits to ensure you are constantly moving forward

Once you get into a routine of setting goals, you’ll find it hard to stop. This is why goal setting is important for productivity. View your goals realistically, and you’ll be well on track to reach your long-term plans.

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