What is a Gratitude Journal & How Does it Help?

You probably know about a vision board and may have kept a diary when you were younger. Did you know, though, that there is such a thing as a gratitude journal? The diary which helps with your mood and overall productivity.

What is a gratitude journal?

Simply put, a gratitude journal is a diary in which you note everything that makes your heart thankful. Some may choose to write in their diaries at the beginning of the day to get things off to a pleasant start.

You may also find it necessary to write in your gratitude journal both in the morning and in the afternoon if the day poses challenges that make you want to complain.

What is the purpose of a gratitude journal?

The main purpose of a gratitude journal is for the individual to reflect on the good things that come his or her way in life. It is not difficult to migrate towards everything that is going wrong in the day. In fact, humans tend to focus a lot of energy on the negative aspects of society while paying little attention to the more positive aspects.

A gratitude journal can help keep your perspective in balance. Making a list of all that you appreciate in a day forces your mind to focus on the things that are going right. Thus, a gratitude journal shifts your mindset from constantly being negative to producing more uplifting vibes.

Do gratitude journals work?

Gratitude journals prove themselves most effective to those who take the practice seriously. You may not get far with a gratitude journal if you treat the practice of writing entries as a chore. Positive vibes may flow more freely, however, if your purpose to use what you have written as a launching pad for thankfulness.

Instead of writing the same things, such as food and shelter, consider coming up with a new aspect of your life for which you are grateful every day. It may also be a good idea to explain why you are thankful for the people, places, and things you write down instead of merely listing them. In many cases, one sentence that explains why you are grateful for what or who you have written should be enough.

You should consider revisiting old journal entries when you do not feel inspired to express gratitude. Sometimes, seeing how far you have come is a reason to express gratitude itself.

It is no secret that your productivity levels rise when your mood is pleasant. A gratitude journal may be what you need to improve your workdays.

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