What Are Affirmation Cards and 6 Amazing Benefits!

You may well have heard of affirmations, or in fact made affirmation practice a part of your daily routine. If you have, then you’ll know the amazing benefits they have to offer. One easy way to make affirmations part of your daily ritual is to use affirmation cards. I can hear many of you reading this now ‘what are affirmation cards?’, so please read on.

What Are Affirmation Cards

Over the past few years affirmation cards have increased in popularity, but what is the purpose of affirmation cards? Affirmation cards are individual cards with single affirmations on them. Also known as affirmation decks, they can be used to make daily affirmation practice much easier. Affirmations themselves are short self affirmation statements that we repeat to ourselves. We can of course create our own affirmations, but using an affirmation card deck makes it easier by suggesting an affirmation we may not have thought to use.

They can serve as a visual cue to remind us to practice affirmations throughout the day. For example, keeping an affirmation deck of cards in your workspace or on your bedside table will remind you to use them when you are in this area.

Another benefit of affirmation cards is that we can select a card at random. Selecting a card at random prevents us from using the same affirmation, day after day, resulting in the affirmation losing its impact.

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Benefits of Using Affirmation Cards

There are a number of benefits to using affirmation cards daily:

  1. Motivate you to act on your goals.
  2. Increase your focus and concentration on completing your goals.
  3. Improves positive self-talk.
  4. Reduces negative thoughts while increasing positive ones.
  5. Improves your self-confidence and self-belief.
  6. Influences your subconscious to accessing new belief patterns.

How To Use Affirmation Cards

Here are our tips on how best to use affirmation cards for maximum effect.

  1. Keep your affirmation cards in the same area of your home or workspace. Doing so will mean you associate this area with performing affirmations. You could choose to keep them by your desk, your bedside table, your bathroom cabinet, or your kitchen counter. Keep them in an area where you will visit daily, and make sure they are visible to you. Seeing your affirmation deck will work as a visual cue.
  2. Choose a card at random. Simply open your card deck up and pick one of the cards. Repeat the affirmation that is printed on the card several times. You could also choose to write down your affirmation.
  3. Remove any irrelevant affirmation cards. Before you start using your affirmation cards, remove any affirmations that you feel aren’t relevant to you or your circumstances.
  4. When putting your card back in the deck, make sure you shuffle the deck to prevent picking the same card next time.
  5. You can choose to use affirmation cards after a guided meditation or at the start of your day.

How To Display An Affirmation Card?

You may find that in your affirmation card deck there are a number of affirmations that are particularly impactful and relevant to you, and you may wish to display these around your home or workspace.

Some options to for displaying affirmation cards:

  • In the corner of your mirror - either your bathroom mirror or make-up mirror.
  • On a vision board.
  • Bathroom cabinet inside.
  • Family notice board in the kitchen.
  • Wooden prop block for your desk.
  • Inside a photo frame on your dressing table

See our own Affirmation Cards for more information on the benefits and how to use.

What Are Affirmation Cards and 6 Amazing Benefits!

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