Using Six-Word Memoirs for Self-Growth

Achieving personal growth is nearly impossible without knowing where we’ve come from or what we’ve been through – yet finding time to reflect on our journey is usually far from the list of priorities in our all-too-often fast-paced lives. There are ways to sandwich in moments of reflection, and these moments should be cherished. More than that, though, they should be saved. Taking a few minutes each day to write six-word memoirs creates a running narrative of our experiences and gives us a new way to understand our own stories.

What are six-word memoirs?

Six-word memoirs are a relatively new category of autobiography that fits perfectly into the speed of modern living. As the name suggests, they involve exactly six words. Beyond that, the rest is essentially up to you.

Authors of six-word memoirs have created pieces both sensational and simplistic. Some are profound and speak volumes of the events and emotions surrounding the words. All are deeply personal simply because they are six carefully chosen words that frame an individual. Consider this piece by musical artist Moby: “Dad died, mom crazy, me, too.” Or this astute one from comedian Stephen Colbert: “Well, I thought it was funny.”

A daily tool of reflection

While six-word memoirs can be written as singles, they have particular potency when used as a daily tool of reflection. A 10-minute session of writing a series of six-word memoirs can produce insightful gems. Sometimes the memoirs themselves aren’t the prize, but rather the recognition of what concept of ourselves is dominating our thoughts.

When we can clearly see how we view ourselves, particularly at different points in our timeline, it is easier to see how we fit into the grand scheme of our own lives. Recognizing that we behaved or responded in certain ways to challenges is key to improving and adapting our behaviour in the future.

Get started with Mål Paper today

Take a few minutes each day and give it a try. Keep a log of six-minute memoirs, preferably dated. If you write one you really like, you can even submit it for publishing. Whether you’re writing to share or writing for yourself, be sure to check out the range of journals and stationery available at Mål Paper.

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