Using journaling to help handle depression

Mental health in 2019 is a critical subject, mostly because the world over has come to realize that this issue can no longer be ignored. There are a lot of people worldwide living with depression. Moreover, the numbers of suicides have also gone up, not just in England, but all around the world. Therefore, for those suffering in silence, there are several ways in which they can manage their condition if they are too afraid to ask for help. One of these ways is through journaling. Journaling is a holistic approach that helps people in several ways, such as encouraging personal growth. It also helps people remember and maintain their goals and helps keep individuals motivated through many adversities. When it comes to dealing with depression, even scribbling down what other people may term as nonsense helps a lot. For one, when you have an issue that is bothering you, writing down what is troubling you helps clear your mind. It also helps in the following ways:

1. It increases your awareness of yourself

Writing down what is bothering you is also a form of expressing yourself. Through this, one may unleash some feelings or thoughts that may have been buried deep down in your mind. There are times that what you write down may surprise you. Through this, you may realize an issue that has been bothering you, but you were not aware of it before.

2. It puts you in control

When you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings, a good way to take control of the situation is by taking a pen and scribbling down all this. Once you do this, you’ll feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, and the situation becomes manageable.

3. It gives you another point of view

Depression often brings up things that you would rather forget, such as painful, and embarrassing memories. Therefore, by writing down happy memories, one can use this as a powerful tool to remedy the situation.

By starting this ritual of keeping a journal, you can manage any downtime that you feel. One symptom of depression is a feeling that you do not want to bother other people with your problems. However, by keeping one, you can actively manage your situation.

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