The Best Journal To Start Your Journaling Journey

Deciding on your first journal can be a difficult task, as there are so many different types and styles to choose from. Journals are great tools to track your habits, keep on top of to do lists and express gratitude. 

Here at Mål Paper, we have put together a journaling guide, to help you find your perfect first journal and a few tools to help you put pen to paper! All of our journals are undated, so can be started at anytime time of year, on any day.

The Daily Goal Setter 

The Daily Goal Setter is the perfect planner to make your goals clearer and help you be more productive. The Daily Goal Setter has been designed to help identify your goals and structure your days. This journal helps you focus on the positive and become more mindful.

Daily Goal Setter Journal

My Five Year Story Journal

My Five Year Story Journal is the perfect tool for helping you to reflect on the highs and lows throughout your life. A beautiful journal that allows you to relive the thoughts and emotions you felt, day by day, over a five-year period.

My Five Year Story Journal

Questions To Empower Card Deck

A deck of empowering questions card to use for daily self-reflection, exploration, and mindfulness.

The Questions to Empower Card Deck is a useful tool to use as a prompt for journaling, a conversation starter with a friend or simply checking in with yourself. The card deck includes 52 different questions to help you ask the questions you never knew to ask. The card deck makes a wonderful mindfulness gift.

Questions To Empower Card Deck

The Habit Journal

The Habit Journal is the result of a collaboration between Dr. Hazel Wallace of The Food Medic and Mål Paper.

The Habit Journal allows you to track daily habits, helping to keep yourself accountable. The journal also allows you to plan your months, weeks, and days with a clearly laid out page design.

The Habit Journal

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Mål Paper also takes inspiration from the Scandinavian minimalist and clutter-free way of living.

As a result, we create simplistic and effective productivity tools that help you to focus on your wellness, fulfilment and potential.