Research supports journaling for wellbeing and memory function

Some people will instantly dismiss the idea of keeping a journal. This might be because they don't like to write things down, especially when it comes to their feelings! Despite your trepidation about journaling, there are some really good reasons to push past the reluctance you may feel.

An article titled “Writing to Better Health” listed 5 great health benefits of journaling. The article said that writing does the following: reduces stress, boosts mood, improves immune function, keeps memory sharp, and strengthens emotional function. (reference: Intermountain Healthcare) Let's take a look at each of these in more detail:

Reduces stress

Research shows that journaling only 15-20 minutes per day and only 3-5 times over a period of 4 months is enough to reduce blood pressure and improve liver function. Additionally, writing about stressful events can help a person to manage the stress from said events in a more healthy way.

Boosts mood

When a person manages their stress levels better and improves their physical health, their mood will naturally lighten. Journaling is a great way to help the brain overcome emotional turmoil, leaving you feeling happier.

Improves immune function

It may seem odd at first, but journaling has been proven to strengthen immune cells and improve symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. So, not only does journaling make you less likely to get sick, but it also increases your chances of fighting certain diseases. 

Keeps your memory sharp

Journaling can increase your memory, comprehension and working memory capacity, which could lead to improved cognitive processing. 

Strengthens emotional function

In relation to boosting mood, the benefits of journaling are long-term because those who participate are more connected to their inner desires and emotional needs. It unlocks creativity and gives the person a better sense of self-control and awareness. It also provides a greater sense of tapping into your "full brainpower".

Overall, those who journal report a greater sense of well-being. They find more joy and satisfaction in their relationships and better focus in daily tasks, all while experiencing better overall health and peace in their lives. To help you start journaling today, Mål Paper has developed a productivity and gratitude journal, the Daily Goal Setter planner, that will help you become more mindful, grateful and productive in your everyday life. Happy writing!

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