Questions to ask before starting any big task and using a productivity planner

How would you rate yourself at planning out your tasks or productivity? It's easy to simply complete a list of daily tasks through brainstorming everything that you need or wish to achieve during the course of a working day.

However, that isn't enough to ensure your productivity and effectiveness! It's also wise to accept that you are unlikely to complete each item on a daily task list every single day. Therefore, it pays to take time to carefully assess and prioritise yours tasks by considering some key questions...

What's the best way to complete this task?

It can be easy to fall into a same-old, same-old habit where activities are always carried out in the same way. Taking time to consider options can open a pathway to simpler or swifter task completion.

When's the best time to complete the task?

You'll know there are times of day where you tend to be more creative; at other moments may be more methodical. Matching the task to the most-effective time can allow for easier accomplishment. This is also true should it involve others who might not be available just when you want them to be!

How long should I spend on this task?

By adding a time value to a task you can better understand its importance and its place amongst your other work. It's easy to spend too much time on what you find interesting (but isn't crucial to your work) and then find your self time-deprived when dealing with more important (even if boring) matters.

How should I report on this task?

Some tasks might involve submitting a report to others (usually a superior). Taking the time to appreciate exactly when and what they wish to receive, the level of detail or complexity they seek, and which method they would prefer for your communication, can all help focus your mind on how best to both schedule and then complete the task.

Each day is different

This sounds obvious but many people still simply carry forward uncompleted tasks and then list them at the top of their next day's list. A task can remain at a low importance-level for several days; superseded by ones that are more vital. The complete list of tasks for each day should be assessed to establish your priorities at that time.

Following these guidelines can help make you an effective productivity planner and ensure the best use of our Daily Tasks Planner Pad!

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