How to Manifest Your Goals with a Self Love Journal

What does it mean to love ourselves? When we use a self love journal, we give ourselves the opportunity to listen to our inner feelings and appreciate ourselves. With renewed confidence and self belief, not only does your wellbeing improve, it becomes easier to thrive and manifest your goals. Here’s how to manifest your goals with a self love journal.

How to Manifest Mental Health Goals for Self Love 

For many, self love is associated with indulgence. If we love ourselves, we must have an inflated self esteem. Self love isn’t about self infatuation, but about embracing ourselves as we really are, including all our flaws and strengths. A self love journal is an important tool for people struggling with ill mental health and low self esteem. 

There are many ways to use a self love journal to manifest your goals related to mental health. Plot aside time consistently for practicing self love. Practice freewriting before tackling any situations that make you feel anxious or sad. Write about what you appreciate about yourself, and the positive impact you’ve made on the world. Self love gears your mind into the right outlook to take on your mental health goals.

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The Benefits of Manifesting with a Self Love Journal 

So, why should you choose a self love journal to manifest your goals? Manifestation works on the recognition that we receive from the universe what we give out. If you develop a confident, self-supportive attitude, you’re more likely to receive opportunities and interactions that value you back! 

Manifestation in a self love journal reframes your outlook on yourself. For example, identifying your weaknesses might seem like a very negative experience. But self love journaling shows how your ‘weaknesses’ are actually strengths

List three aspects about yourself that you feel are holding you back - then turn them upside down. What positives can you take from these ‘negatives’? How might you utilise them as strengths? For example, if you struggle to control your emotions, take pride that you feel so deeply. If you struggle to stay organised, remind yourself that a disorganised life is also a busy one. You can then work on developing yourself in these areas with a more productive approach. 

Simple Tips for Practising Self-Love

Practising self-love should be a simple practice that is carried out daily. Some of the below tips you may already be using, and some may be new to you. These self-love techniques are there to help improve the appreciation you have for yourself. 

1. Do not compare yourself to others

That's right - stop it! There is no benefit to comparing yourself to others, and in doing this can cause half to the way you feel about yourself. It is within our nature to compare ourselves to others - we compare how much we earn, what we look like, how many friends we have. One thing to remember, is that you are unique, and there is only one of you. 

2. Other peoples opinions don't matter

It is easy to get caught up in your own head, and worry about what others think of us. The truth is, most people do this, and are worried about what others think of them. Feel confident in knowing that it is only your opinion of yourself that matters.

3. Love your body

In todays society, we are shown multiple times a day what the perfect body images looks like. We must realise that this is not 'the perfect body image', and in fact we are all perfect in our own way. Every one is unique.

4. Do not fear mistakes

Don't be too hard on yourself when you make mistakes. When we do make mistake, this is the time that we learn. Mistakes are a part of how we grow. A simple example would be when a baby starts to walk - they make the 'mistake' of falling down countless times before they have success with walking. The same can be applied to you in failed relationships or unsuccessful job interviews. Reframe how you feel about mistakes, and instead, aim to make as many of them as possible!

5. Trust yourself

You know yourself and your capabilities. Listen to your inner voice and not someone else's.

6. Put yourself first

While this is often looked at being selfish, the truth is that we don't do this enough. Instead of trying to be a people pleaser, put yourself first at times. Of course it is important to help others and to be kinds, but try to carve some time out to focus on yourself and your own needs.

7. Show gratitude

Gratitude has the powerful effect of changing our perspective to a positive one. When we show thanks towards someone or something, we can truly tap in to our appreciation for this. If we practise gratitude daily, we can start to notice everything in our life that is amazing. The more we do this, the less we focus on what we lack and negative self talk.

Why You Should Practice Gratitude Journaling in a Self Love Journal

When we practice gratitude journaling for self love, we give ourselves time to appreciate who we are. How often do you give thanks for your tenacity as you work towards your goals? Do you ever take time to appreciate your resilience, creativity or even your ability to admit when you got things wrong. The more we look at ourselves, the more we notice our strengths and abilities. The more you notice them, the more you can act on them and build them further into your life.

Think about your biggest strength. What do you do really well? Give thanks for this ability. Appreciate this ability within yourself. Write about how you can implement this strength within your daily life. For example, if you’re really good at organising your spaces, why not develop this skill into time management? If you’re great at communication, why not look into networking to manifest your goals? 

A self love journal is the perfect space to manifest your goals and feel good about yourself. Developing a positive perception of yourself is integral to manifestation. Self love is not about accepting yourself, it’s about embracing yourself. Once you believe in yourself and your abilities, you can stride out into the world and manifest your goals.

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