How to Manifest Using a Happiness Journal

A happiness journal is the perfect tool for manifestation. It's a space to write freely about what makes you happy. Manifestation is based on the idea that your outer life - the interactions and opportunities you attract - are deeply connected to your inner outlook and behaviours

When you explore what makes you happy, foster inner strengths, and develop a plan of action for future goals, you set yourself up with the skills to manifest your goals. Once you understand how to manifest using a happiness journal, you can apply the strategies to all your long-term and short-term aims. 

Positive Manifestation Through Gratitude Journaling

One of the key elements of manifestation is making your dreams part of your worldview. If you live each day with the positive, confident mindset it takes to reach your goals, opportunities are more likely to come your way. This isn't magic, but a connection between mindset and action. If you believe you have the power to reach your goals, your body language, actions, decisions, and practical skills will reflect this inner strength. 

Using a happiness journal for gratitude is a surefire way to boost your mindset. The first step to fulfillment is recognising everything we already have. All too often we can become fixated with the idea that our goals will give us happiness. Whilst they absolutely do bring joy when we achieve them, the journey of our lives is just as important. 

To manifest using a happiness journal, write down three things you feel gratitude for each morning. You can express gratitude for big and small things - the beautiful blue sky overhead, the nutritious meal you're eating, a best friend you can always turn to. Appreciating our family, friends, health and wellbeing is integral to enjoying every stage of our lives. Fostering a positive outlook encourages you to take on new opportunities, develop better body language and build stronger relationships. 

Manifest Using a Happiness Journal with Affirmations 

To manifest using a happiness journal, you also need to develop a positive view of yourself. Before reaching for goals, you need to believe in your worth and abilities. Affirmations are short mantras that affirm your feelings towards yourself and your life. 

I am strong. I am capable. Today is going to be my day. These are affirmations to hold with you as you tackle the challenges of the day. You can tailor your affirmations to suit your needs. Wherever you feel a weakness in your confidence, that's where you need an affirmation to boost your self-belief.

Start each morning with affirmations, as part of your daily routine. Practice mindfulness or drink a cup of green tea beforehand to focus your mind, then ask your subconscious what affirmation you need to guide you through the day ahead. Let your mind find the words you need. Jot your affirmation down in your happiness journal and keep it with you, referring back to it whenever you need a mental boost. The more you believe in yourself, the easier it becomes to manifest. 

Action Plan: Manifest Your Goals Through a Happiness Journal 

Manifesting goals is not 'all in the mind', and it certainly doesn't rely on chance. Once you have the right mindset in place, it's time to put it into action. The final step to manifest using a happiness journal is to make a plan of action you can really stick to

Visualisation is key to manifestation. The process of writing down our goals can at times distract from what we really want. Sometimes we don't know exactly what it is we're aiming for. You might initially think your goal is to 'make a best selling album', but your actual goal is to 'impact listeners through music'. 

Writing visually about where you want to be is an effective goal setting strategy. When you reach your goals, what are the sights you see? What are the sounds? What are those moments like? 

Visualise what it takes to reach each step. Break your goals down into smaller micro-goals. For example, if your goal is to build your body strength through exercise, you might visualise the steps of buying the right equipment, starting off with beginners exercises, lifting heavier weights, completing more push-ups, before developing a skilful exercise routine that delivers your main goal. 

To manifest using a happiness journal, your mindset and actions need to work in unison. The law of attraction works on the idea that 'like attracts like'. The way you think impacts the way you behave, and the way you behave impacts the things that happen to you. To reach your goals, you need to think like a person who has already reached them, fully appreciating every aspect of your life, visualising your dreams, and affirming your self-worth. 

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