How to Make a Plan for Success and Stay Motivated

With the best will in the world, we’ve all made plans we didn’t stick to. Often, it’s because we couldn’t stick to them. New Year’s Resolutions and 5 Year Plans are often quickly discarded. 

This is because so many plans and resolutions are unrealistic. The best laid plans are attainable. Read on to find out how to make a plan for success and stay motivated.

stay motivated with a daily goal planner

How to Stop Procrastinating and Make a Plan for Success

‘I’ll get to it in a minute.’ ‘I’ll just get this done first…’ ‘Maybe I’ll start in a week or two…’

Once procrastination sets in, it’s hard to stay motivated, no matter how important your goals are. In the digital age, we are constantly surrounded by distractions. Between work, family and other commitments, making time for our goals is often easier said than done

The first step to stop procrastinating and stay motivated is to make a plan for success. Writing down your goals gives you an extra incentive to reach them. Here are 5 steps for making a plan for success:

  1. Be clear on your main goal - e.g. ‘start a business’, ‘write a novel’
  2. Split your main goal into micro-goals - e.g. ‘create characters’, ‘write a chapter outline’
  3. Set clear times and deadlines to complete micro-goals
  4. Prioritise your goals by order of importance
  5. Make your micro-goals part of your everyday routine

stop procrastinating with a goal planner

Setting Goals Can Lead to Success (And Here’s How)

When you make a plan for success, setting goals can help in many ways. Goals are the best tool to help you stay motivated. 

That’s because goals ‘gamify’ your plan for success. By setting goals, you’re setting yourself a ‘level’ to complete. Suddenly, you feel a need to beat that level, crossing another achievement off your list. And why stop there? Why not beat the next level, and the next, till you reach the final battle against your main goal.

Remember: games always need a prize. Reward yourself as you reach your goals. To make a plan for success, you have to enjoy the process of reaching goals. A boring plan for success is a blueprint for disaster.

5 habits that work for motivation

5 Habits for Success That Really Work

For any plan to work, it must be built into your daily routines. If your goal is to improve your physical fitness, then a one off gym session once a month isn’t going to work. 

A daily routine of jogging and yoga will make a much bigger impact, because you’re making fitness part of your everyday life. To make a plan for success, you must make success your habit. 

Here’s how:

  1. Keep organised - This applies to both your goals and the spaces around you. It’s easier to become sidetracked in a cluttered space. If your rooms are organised and tidy, you can feel at peace and begin to focus.
  2. Build connections - Join groups and communities related to your goals. It can be really helpful to share experiences and discuss strategies for reaching your aims. Be careful not to compare yourself to others, though - no two experiences are the same. 
  3. Look after your body and wellbeing - It’s important to look after your general wellbeing as you work towards your goals. Build exercise, healthy food and hydration into your day to boost the abilities of your body and brain.
  4. Break down your goals - At times, goals can seem unattainable. Focus on the smaller micro-goals that build up to your main goal, and don’t be tempted to look further ahead.
  5. Reward yourself - As mentioned above, rewarding yourself when you complete a task can boost your motivation. Remember: you are not just your goals, and you have to enjoy yourself as you pursue your dreams.

Morning Routine Ideas to Stay Motivated

Starting your morning right can have a huge impact on the rest of your day. Developing a morning routine specifically to stay motivated will make your plan for success a reality. 

Getting up early is the first step to staying motivated. An early morning provides extra time to get your tasks done, and you’re more likely to be alert first thing in the morning.

Add exercise into your morning routine to boost your energy and motivation for the tasks ahead. 

Check your daily goals each morning to ensure you know exactly what you need to do and what time to do it. Journal for ten to fifteen minutes every morning, as this can also help you to discover what you want to achieve with your day.

Procrastination affects us all. Don’t blame yourself for missing goals, look at how you can improve your routines. Once you make a plan for success with clear deadlines and goals to achieve, you are far more likely to avoid the pitfalls of procrastination.

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