How journaling can help you achieve your goals faster

Let’s be honest. Writing down goals can help you achieve them faster than expected. According to a study at the Dominican University of California, 43% of individuals who wrote down their goals realised them.

But what many people don’t talk about is how to write. Studies show that how you write your goals has a huge impact on whether you will achieve them or not. Journaling is one of the most powerful ways to note down your aspirations and achieve personal goals. And here's why.

Makes your goals clearer

Journaling forces you to commit your goals and objectives to paper. And when you do so, you turn your vague desires into clearly stipulated targets. This means you have turned your desires into something tangible. It makes it easier to work towards them.

Monitor your progress

Achieving your goals is easier said than done. You will face several challenges that you must overcome to push forward. Without something to refer back to, you can easily give up.

But with a journal, you can monitor your progress. Look at where you started and how much you’ve accomplished. It will motivate you to proceed. But that’s not all.

Journaling also offers you an opportunity to look at these challenges in detail. What have you tried and failed? What has worked and what can you do better?

Keeps you accountable

No one loves to sit down at the end of the day and write “I did nothing.” Setting time once a day to write about your goals and what you’re doing keeps you accountable.

If you find this challenging, think about it as an accountability report that you must submit to a supervisor. It will propel you to do something every day to move closer to achieving your goals.

Uncover hidden fears

Most of us have “hidden fears” that block us from achieving what we desire. And unless we face them boldly, we might never overcome them. Writing can help you do just that.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you may “hear” yourself saying “people from my family can’t lose weight” or “if I lose weight, my friends won’t like me.”

But once you’re brought your limiting beliefs and fears to light, you can deal with them. Journaling can help you bring these blind spots within your range and help you face them head-on.


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