How Can A Daily Planner Help With Self-Development for Business

The most successful business owners continuously develop their industry knowledge and skills. Self-development for business helps you to manage your business more effectively, and stand out as a leader within the market. 

So, how should you get started with self-development for business? A daily planner is a key tool for getting started, because it allows you to plan and structure your self-development towards specific goals.

using a daily planner for business

What are the key skills for self-development for business?

Skills for self-development in business focus on your work outlook, and how you interact with your colleagues and clients. Your personal self-growth shapes the success of your business. 

Self-development for business can involve either hard or soft skills. ‘Hard skills’ are the technical skills that qualify you in your field of expertise - e.g. software development, hairdressing, copywriting, marine biology, etc. 

‘Soft skills’ are related to your work ethic. What are you like to work with, or for? How well do you make business decisions? Are your business practices organised?

set business goals with a daily planner

Key soft skills to develop (and how a daily planner can help!)

  • Developing an open and flexible mindset 

Building a business is a continuous process, and there will be many learning curves. It’s important to be open to the challenges and setbacks that come with owning a business. This includes continuously learning from experiences and mistakes. 

If you want a dynamic and competitive brand, then you need to establish a self-aware attitude that consistently examines issues within the business.

Plot learning goals into your daily planner. It’s all about developing your mindset through specific goals. Watch self-development videos, read books, reach out for business opportunities. Your mind is not fixed in stone. Through evaluating your progress in your daily planner, you’ll develop a more self-aware perspective. 

  • Developing your strategic and organisational skills

  • In business, it helps to have a sense of direction. What’s your vision for your business? What’s the strategy for your brand?

    If your future vision for your business is shrouded in fog, you might need to develop skills in planning and organising goals for your business. Strategic awareness helps you to make informed decisions, whether you’re taking on new clients or developing advertising campaigns. Similarly, if your plans are organised, you’re more likely to have a clear understanding of the direction your business is heading in.

    In your daily planner, plot out your goals in advance, including daily, weekly and monthly goals. This helps you to see at a glance what needs to be done. You can then prioritise your goals based on their importance, and update them as more tasks are completed. This provides an added structure to your plans, so you’re more likely to go through with them.

    work goals with a daily planner

  • Developing communication skills

  • Good communication skills have wide-reaching applications. If you can build strong relationships with clients, they will be more likely to return to your services. Communication skills can also boost your relationships with employees, and even media contacts for press coverage. 

    Understanding how to convey ideas can lead to better outcomes during disagreements and critical discussions. An important aspect of communication is re-learning how to listen. Listening closely to the details of a conversation can help you to respond in more informed ways, rather than with an instinctive or emotional response. 

    You can use a daily planner to develop your communication skills. Write a log of some of your more challenging conversations, with details of the time, date and content of the discussion. 

    You can then analyse your communications at the end of the day or week. How could you have improved the discussion? What would you do differently next time? Plot in specific goals to reach in your daily planner, including watching videos or taking courses on communication.

    A daily planner can be a very helpful tool for self-development for business. You can use it to set yourself a plan to develop your skills, track your progress, and set goals. Whether you want to develop communication or organisational skills, using a daily planner is the first step to success. 

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