Bullet Journal Ideas for Kids

Whether they're starting school or working on new projects, bullet journaling for kids is a great way for young people to learn organisation and time management skills - all whilst having fun. Bullet journal ideas for kids give them the inspiration to set out plans and live their lives to the fullest.

What are the Benefits of Bullet Journaling for Kids 

Bullet journaling might initially appear aimed at grownups, but there are many benefits of bullet journaling for kids. As kids work their way through school, they need a space to organise all their schoolwork and activities. What homework do they need to complete? When is the deadline to submit it? What after-school activities are they going to this week? Having a simple schedule can help young people to plan ahead and make time for their hobbies. 

Another of the major benefits of bullet journaling for kids is the simplicity of a bullet journal. All kids need to do is write a dot to symbolise an open task, and jot down two to three keywords that sum up what needs to be done. For example, '• tidy desk, dust worktop'. Once they have completed the task, they can add a cross (x) to show the goal has been reached.

Children's Journalling

Kids' Bullet Journal Ideas for Getting Things Done

Kids aren't always organised. It's natural. There are far too many exciting things to do other than homework and tidying their rooms. One of the best bullet journal ideas for kids helps them to get things done. Incentives have always encouraged young people to work towards goals, and this is no different with bullet journaling for kids. 

After your kids have set out their bullet journal for the week, add in some incentives to encourage them to achieve their tasks. Add in two or three smaller incentives, like 'choose your favourite snack after lunch' or 'play games for 30 mins' to break up the time spent on tasks. Then finish off with a big reward at the end of the day, such as 'watch a movie' or 'have a pizza evening'. Use a special symbol, such as a star, for these incentives, so your kids know when they start.

Bullet Journal Ideas for Kids: Wellbeing Journal 

Bullet journal ideas for kids are not just about reaching goals, they also support young people's wellbeing. With many pressures from school and their peers, young people often struggle with low self-confidence and esteem. 

One of the best ways to use bullet journal ideas for kids to boost their wellbeing is to help them set out times to focus on their physical and mental health. Young people are more likely to use their free time to play games, watch shows and use social media - but they might not think about improving their wellbeing through exercise and self-care. Set aside times for your kids to practice mindfulness, play football or have a run, and enjoy a walk in nature. Bullet journal ideas for kids should support them to take breaks from digital devices and enjoy the present moment. 

Bullet journaling for kids works, because it's quick and easy. Young people can see clearly what they need to do, and what events they have planned, without adding any pressure on them to write lengthy journal entries. Bullet journal ideas for kids encourage young people to organise their lives and look after their wellbeing, making it the perfect form of journaling for kids.

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