45 Simple Treasures in Life That Will Brighten Your Day

When stress is overtaking your thoughts, and the clouds start forming above you, it can be difficult to see the abundance of great things you have in your life.

Practising gratitude is a great way to keep your focus on the good things in life rather than dwelling on what you feel may be lacking. 

So, if you need a reminder of just how blessed you are, here’s a list of 45 simple things in life that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

45 Simple Treasure In Life

  1. The first sip of a warm drink on a cold winter’s day
  2. The feeling of sleeping in fresh sheets
  3. The feeling of sand between your toes
  4. A warm embrace from a loved one
  5. Dancing like no one’s watching
  6. Taking a warm, relaxing shower
  7. Laughing until your belly hurts
  8. Watching the sunset
  9. Chocolate anything!
  10. Waking up without an alarm
  11. The smell of a lovely candle
  12. The sun shining through your window when you wake up
  13. Breathing fresh air on a nature walk
  14. Cuddling up with a book on a rainy day
  15. Ticking an item off on your to-do list
  16. Popping bubble wrap
  17. Being on time
  18. A good night’s sleep
  19. Wearing clothes that have just come out of the dryer
  20. Catching up with old friends
  21. Hearing your favourite song come on the radio
  22. Watching your favourite tv show after a stressful day
  23. A family dinner with no distractions
  24. A quick shoulder massage from a massage ball, pillow, or partner
  25. Finding a penny on the street
  26. Playing with your pet when you get home
  27. The smell of your favourite perfume
  28. Making someone you love smile from ear to ear
  29. The feel of a nice breeze on a hot summer’s day
  30. A glass of wine after work as you snuggle on the sofa
  31. Spending five minutes to journal your thoughts and free space on your mind
  32. Getting started on a new creative project
  33. Volunteering in your community
  34. Cooking a meal that brings you joy
  35. Receiving a good morning text when you wake up
  36. Making someone else feel good about themselves
  37. Smiling at a stranger in the street and them smiling back
  38. Getting home and changing into your pyjamas
  39. Taking a big sip of water
  40. A decluttered living space
  41. Looking at old photos
  42. Telling your loved ones how much they mean to you
  43. Eating a meal from your childhood
  44. Sitting still outside as the world passes by
  45. Learning something new

Gratitude is what makes life worth living. Life gets much better when you let the clouds drift apart, and you focus on the stars shining behind.

Because life’s too short to focus on the negative, so learn to appreciate the daily gifts that warm your heart and light your day.

Have we missed any of your simple treasures in life? If so, let us know!

45 Simple Treasures in Life That Will Brighten Your Day

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