3 Morning Routine Ideas for a Healthier Day

In many ways, the morning is the most important part of the day. The sun rises, the birds sing, and slowly, the world comes to life. Yet, many people miss this beautiful time of day, sleeping blissfully through it. 

Mornings have a bigger impact on health than you might imagine. A bad morning can have consequences that ripple throughout the day. Here are 3 morning routine ideas for a healthier day. 

Routine idea #1 - Eat a good breakfast

One morning routine idea for a healthier day is to focus on a healthy breakfast. Generally, those who eat breakfast are less likely to suffer from heart disease and have lower cholesterol levels than those who skip the meal altogether. The most important thing is to ensure your breakfast is healthy

Starting your healthy morning routine with a good breakfast can keep your energy levels up throughout the day. There are many different nutrients to fit into your breakfast, but fibre and protein are key

Eggs are nutrient-rich, and can be accompanied with vegetables for an extra kick of fibre. Oats are another protein filled with goodness, and can be prepared in a variety of different ways. Porridge with blueberries is the perfect breakfast to help your body and brain to thrive throughout the day. 

Fruit can be a very healthy breakfast, especially when coupled with a protein. Combine bananas with chia seeds, Greek yogurt and oats for a healthy and hearty start to the day.

Whatever you decide to eat, avoid sugary cereals and breakfast bars. Sugar can lead to big energy dips throughout the day.

Routine idea #2 - An early start for a productive day

Another key way to begin a healthy morning routine is to get an early start. Starting your tasks early in the morning means less distractions, and your brain can work at its best. This way, you can complete your tasks without the added stress of a late start

If you get into a morning routine of waking up early, you have more time to look after your body and health. You have time for a proper workout in the morning. Build in exercise routines, yoga and tai-chi to boost your physical wellbeing, along with time to spend on your skincare. Since you're not rushing to get to work, you can enjoy a full breakfast, and even practice mindfulness and gratitude journaling to set yourself in the right frame of mind for the day ahead,

Routine idea #3 - Start your morning routine the night before 

The best way to begin your healthy morning routine is to start the night before. The way you spend your evenings has a big impact on your mornings. A late night easily leads to a late morning. 

Set an alarm for an early night. Don’t just set the alarm for when you want to go to sleep, but also for when you need to start getting ready for bed, which should be 30 to 15 minutes earlier. 

Be restful in bed. Practice mindful breathing. Read a relaxing book. Focus your mind on the present, and not on the stresses of the day.

Don’t be tempted to go on social media. Twitter and Facebook are a big no-no after 7pm. Social media makes us more alert, whilst the blue light in phone and tablet screens lowers our levels of melatonin, a natural hormone that helps us to sleep.

Looking at screens before bed also lowers your ability to enter REM sleep, when most dreams occur. A lack of REM sleep means a less restful sleep, impairing your ability to deal with challenges through the day. A truly restful sleep helps you start your healthy morning routine with a refreshed outlook, ready to reach out for your daily goals.

Use these morning routines in conjunction with each other for the ultimate healthy start to your day. The more you stick to your healthy morning routine, the more it becomes second nature. A healthy morning routine is the starting point for sticking to your healthy living goals. It sets you up to eat a healthy breakfast, exercise and lower stress levels. A healthy morning routine is the essence of a healthy day.

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