22 Ways to Romanticise Your Life

Wouldn’t you love your life to feel just like the movies? Walking around without a care in the world, radiating real “main character” energy?

Well, what’s stopping you? There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t start romanticising your life right now.

Here are 22 ways to get you started.

What is “romanticising your life” and why do you need it?

We all have those moments in our lives where we feel like we're stuck in a rut. We're going through the motions day after day, and it feels like there's nothing new or exciting happening. This is where romanticising your life comes in. 

Romanticising your life means adding a bit of excitement and adventure into your everyday routine. It's about making the most out of every moment and not taking life for granted.

When you start to romanticise your life, you'll find that you appreciate the little things more. The mundane tasks that you once found boring will now seem like fun challenges. You'll also start to see the world around you in a whole new light.

Twenty-two ways to romanticise your life

1. Savour a hot beverage first thing in the morning

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate… there’s no better way to wake up first thing in the morning. Holding your favourite mug in both hands as the aroma gently wafts up to your nose. It’s the soft, kind morning you need to start on the right foot. Bonus points if you’re able to enjoy it on a balcony or in a garden.

2. Stop and smell the roses (and maybe bring them back home with you, too!)

Nature is a vital element for positive wellbeing. And one of the best ways to do that is to go on nature walks in the park, embracing the sensations it throws to you. 

3. Show yourself some love with a little gift

You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself. If you feel like buying yourself a little box of chocs or trinkets, do it! You deserve it!

4. Stare out of the window on your travels/ commute

If we’ve learned one thing from music videos and films, it’s that travelling on a bus/plane/train is made for one thing – looking out of the window, deep in thought. Use the time to think about life, fantasise about the great things coming, or simply enjoy the beautiful views you go past.


5. Use the fancy dishes

You know the silverware you save for special occasions? Use them! Life is a special occasion, and you should celebrate it whenever you can! So, don’t wait for an excuse to use them, just do it!

6. Take a blanket and chill in the park

If you’ve never gone to relax alone in the park, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Take a book or your journal and spend a few hours enjoying the peaceful atmosphere surrounded by nature.

7. Dress to impress (yourself)

You’re the star of your own show. So, dress the part! If it makes you feel confident and good about yourself, wear it!

8. Have a solo dance party

Think Emma Stone in Easy A. Put on your favourite upbeat playlist and dance like no-ones watching. The dopamine release is incredible! 

9. Be more vocally thankful

Being grateful is one thing, but are you letting others know you appreciate them? From your local barista to the bus conductor, start saying thank you more. And extend that gratitude to yourself, too. 

10. Walk barefoot across the grass

The world is a sensory playground that we often don’t take advantage of. So next time you’re in the park, or if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, take your shoes off and have a little wander.

11. Blast the tunes in your car

Make every moment fun. Crank the tunes while you’re stuck in traffic!

12. Spend a fun afternoon baking goodies

Channel your inner hallmark movie and spend an afternoon having fun baking cookies. Not only is it therapeutic, but you also end up with a yummy treat!


13. Take a bubble bath

And while you’re at it, fashion yourself a soapy hairstyle and beard! 

14. Strike up a conversation with a stranger

There are so many interesting out there with incredible stories. So, if you’re at a café or stuck in a queue at the shop, why not strike up a conversation with a stranger around you?

15. Spend some time with fur babies

Animals are incredibly for boosting your mood. If you’re lucky enough to own one, spend quality time with them! And if not, either borrow from a friend or try going to a cat café!

16. Throw a dart at a map and travel there

Keep things interesting by channelling your inner adventurer. Leave your next holiday up to chance by throwing a dart at a map and following it. You’ll end up discovering new parts of the world you never knew existed!

17. Take yourself on a date 

We’ve been socialised to believe we need someone with us to go for a meal out, but you’re good enough company to go on your own. So if there’s a restaurant you’ve been dying to try, take yourself there!

18. Dress up your living space

Keep your living space dynamic by changing up the decoration every so often to fit your aesthetic.

19. Cinema ticket for one

Running out of inspiration for romanticising your life? Get some tips from the people that do it best – Hollywood!

20. Let the candles burn

There’s something incredibly relaxing and romantic about having candles burning in the room. So make it a habit to light one in the evening as you’re winding down for bed.

21. Turn to analogue

We’re too busy with our heads buried in our phones that we forget to look up and take in life. So, try to put your phone away more often and do things that don’t require technology. Reading and walking are some of our personal faves…

22. Believe in yourself!

You are the main character of your life story. Don’t let anything dull your shine. You’re amazing, and you deserve to live that way every day!

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