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Excellent journal, helps to look back on progression over the days and weeks

Love it <3

I was looking for a great day to day planner to get through my to do's but also have a positive start of the day with - this is it. Can't recommend it enough :)


Really good quality and great idea. Can’t wait to start using it!

Checkin journal

In this time of uncertainty this journal is proving to be very effective at helping me to stay focussed and calm. I feel very lucky to have bought it at the time I did

As expected

It’s well-made, well-designed and very handy!

purchase of 1 x Daily Goal Setter Planner - grey

I love it, use it everyday. a great gratitude reminder as well

Daily Goal Setter

perfect gift for my daughter’s birthday 👍

The Checkin Journal

Life changing

Simply simple and so fulfilling


Have yet to use but love the idea and the quality is unreal!

Great planner!

I finally found something to help me get organized. Would love more space for gratitude and notes.

How did I manage without it

I love my daily goal setter, I use it most days when studying at university or organising my days off. The inspirational quotes make me smile and the daily reminder to review what you’re grateful for genuinely makes my day a little brighter. I love how nice it looks and feels, it’s so attractive it makes me want to write in it everyday. I’m excited to buy my diary for next year and watch them stack up as the years go on. Thank you Mål Paper <3

Goal Setter

Love using this journal!

Tonis Treasure

I love the book. There are no I can use it over a self defined time span’s superb quality....


Lovely little book to write in daily.. Handy to have

I love it

I love the simplicity of it. It makes me want to use it every day

A great journal

A very handy journal and a great idea to keep checking in and out.
I only gave it 3 stars as it got a little bit wet (carrying it in the rain) the black cover bled onto the pages.

Daily Goal Setter Planner - grey

Very happy

Very happy with the checkin diary, high quality product.

Journal Review

This is just what I was after!
There aren’t enough monthly view pages, and I think it would be much better to have a similar weekly ‘grid/ calendar’ view as well as the weekly goals page. But it’s great.

Mal Paper The Check In Journal

Overwhelmingly well received by the close friends I bought them for.... enabling mindfulness, a clarity of thought on those days that seem unbearable. A starter to help promote healthier mental activities each day. Truly amazing.

Daily Goal Setter Planner

Game changer!

So thrilled with my new Mal diary - it’s helping me stay focused and ensure that everything I do is in service of the bigger picture. I’ve finally stopped getting bogged down in the small stuff! With gratitude :) xx

Love this product

I have been starting my day with this gem & what a difference. It makes me think about & focus on what I’m grateful for & then zone in to what I’m feeling that I need to use my affirmations to counter balance... I’m more organised, structured & getting things done.. I love sitting in the evening seeing all that I have achieved in the day. I am still working on my medium & long term goals but I’m certainly thinking about them. Absolutely love this book, thank you