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Lovely and really helpful.

Love it

Love how organised I can be at the same time as sticking to my I Am statements and gratitude.


Love to write into my book

This journal has everything

Feeds a positive attitude, helps structure your goals and tasks and gives a space for reflection.

Have already recommended it and will continue to do so.

Daily Goal Setter Planner

Fantastic Product

Quick deliver once I ordered, arrived, great quality! Easy to read through the instruction to implement my short and long term goals while setting new daily habits!! Would recommend to anyone!

Best book

Great book to record your details

Daily goal setter

Great book

Excellent well thought out planner

Love this journal, as it’s not overwhelming! Think it may be a game changer for me.

The ideal journal

The perfect journal for list makers and those whose days are governed by tasks and not meetings

Best Planner Ever

Time seemed to be getting away from me. Tasks mounting up, days passing by in the blink of an eye. Now that I have my daily goal setter, I have a better understanding of where my time was being spent and how my tasks were building up to the point where I didn’t even try to tackle any of them because well, where could I start? Now I can take one day at a time and accomplish fewer tasks on a more regular basis but know that those tasks have been completed.

It’s helped dramatically with my anxiety, especially because I also now don’t feel guilty if I miss a day every now and then! Something as simple as being able to date my own pages really makes a huge amount of difference!

Also, in recent years, I’ve seen a number of planners having too much to fill out. I’m definitely one of those people who like to fill everything out on the page and this planner keeps its simple! The most important things on it with no unneeded sections!

Great feedback Stephanie! It's really good to understand how the Daily Goal Setter planner has been helping you, and glad you're enjoying a simpler planner layout to complete.

Very happy, very useful tool best purchase I’ve made in ages

Thank you for your feedback Ben!

Love it

Thanks for your feedback!

I always used a freedom mastery planner before finding this lovely alternative.
I’ve been using it for just over a month and love it.

Thanks for your feedback Louise! Great to hear you are enjoying using your Daily Goal Setter planner.
I love the Daily Goal Setter - bought two after my first one

I love this goal setter - I have tried many, but the one from Mål Paper suits me best. I use it every day, and it has become one of the central tools in my life.

Wonderful feedback. Thanks Oliver!
Game changer

Love my planner! A friend actually bought mine from a Kickstarter campaign as a present. It's a great tool to help with structuring my days and also to set myself some goals. I will defo buy another one myself once I've finished using this one - it's really stylish too!

Great to hear Emma!
Great Planner

Purchased one during the Kickstarter and it works great. The daily reflection sections serve well as a review of the day.

Thanks for sharing Justin!
great planner for daily use

I have been using my planner since the Kickstarter campaign, and love it. I have tried quite a few other planners, but this one really works and I find myself looking forward to interacting it months into use when with others it started to feel like another chore. It balances reflection with getting things done. I highly recommend you give it a try to see if it is for you.

Thanks for sharing Oliver!
Kickstarter pledge

I backed this project on kickstarter and gave it as a gift to my boyfriend. He was very happy with it, the look and feel is very nice, and the content is exactly what he needed. he is very into self-improvement and uses it daily. I definitely recommend!

We appreciate the 5 star review Geert!
Kickstarter pledge

Backed this on Kickstarter. The cover material is so nice, as is the inside page paper. Loving the concise information at the front of the journal. I've been using it for a 5 day week, so it should last longer.

Thank you for a great product!!

Thanks for sharing Verity!
Great products and fast delivery

Planner is a great tool and I bought a couple more for my staff.

Thanks Jason. So good to hear it could help both you and your staff!
Absolutely love it.

Such a great find and I’ve had a lot of success with using it. It’s now become a habit to write in it each morning! I have a lot going on at the moment and it’s helped me set reasonable goals and expectations that I can reach and feel good about, rather than being too hard on myself. Loving reviewing my set goals for the week.

Thanks for sharing Steph!